Friday, 30 August 2013

Parents, they think they're at fault

It has been a while since I post anything here. My life is getting busier with work. I need my lazy weekend back, and just for the sake of doing nothing. Few boys been in and out some are not working out, others just meh... But I trully enjoy being single in the past few months. It really makes me focus in life better and sort my priority right and I have been making strategic decisions in life too.

Two months living with Al, seems everything went well so far. I even met his entire family. Obviously they don't know the fact that I am gay, otherwise I would have to move house again. Fact that they knew Al is gay, and they are in denial. During 10 days of their stay with us, I always sat with his mum for breakfast and dinner [everyone obviously fall in Indo time zone, even Al]. It's strange that his mum seems to get along well with me. She told me how Al grew up without parents after Jakarta riot in late 90's and she decided to evacuate all of her children to Singapore. It seems that she blame herself for not being around and how she can't really advise him to go back home and how Al turned gay [her version] although she did not say it out loud for the later part.

I really don't know what to say to stop her from blaming herself. But then again, it maybe just the nature of being parents. Whenever they see their children off track [to their perspective], they think they are to blame. Yes, maybe when it has something to do with things that are morally wrong such as cutting the queue line, or stealing other's rights, or anything else that harm the society, then clearly the parents hasn't done enough in educating their children. But what about the way of life or career of choice or even where one's want to live. Parents are not to blame nor to blame themselves. And being gay is neither a choice, but typical Asian parents are still in denial. All in all, we can only do so much with what we have.***


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