Thursday, 30 August 2012

I run like a girl

Busy day at work, I went to swim with B straightaway. Managed to do around 30 laps and as usual B did it 50 laps. He's done things 50% more than what I do. I'm tiny compare to him [excuses]. Right after swim I took shower and thought of watching xfactor when JL called. He's asking me to go squash as his opponent never turned up.

But, wait, I don't even know how and I never tried this sport before. JL offered me to teach me how to play squash. He made me run around the court like a girl. But well at least after that 1.5 hrs training I know how to do two kind of serves, hit the ball, and do back hand. My eye to hand coordination has always been so lousy to begin with. I need more practice for sure. I find it a fun sport to do, I should but racket next time after my holiday. So tired and my butt sore from doing sprint stop run. Time to sleep.***

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

how to come out

One of those nights when I had a skype chat with Y, she suddenly sent me this link of coming out YouTube video of Dan Savage. His reasoning on how to come out to parents completely sound to me. It may work for many/most of us, unless if you have parents like his bf's. Who can brutally abuse you for being gay. Then again, you [yourself] is the one who knows how well your parents will react to the fact that you're gay.

Seb's mum was alright instantly although part of her is in denial. Boy 4's mum needs three years to accept him. I never think my dad [if he were still alive] would accept me, chances he will physically abuse me is quiet high despite the fact that I am independent. So, I guess every parents react differently.***

Thursday, 9 August 2012

when weather gone bad

Dragonfly or Cyclops my old $20 goggles

Wanting to patch my CV after work, but my brain stuffed up already. Wondering what to do while waiting for B to finish work at 8pm as I promised taking him for bday dinner. A promise is a promise. I decided to do house chores instead, something brainless but at least I can still be productive. Vacuuming, doing three batches of laundry, cleaning up kitchen, then suddenly nothing to do. I opened up the shopping bag from NSW snow trip and pulled out the goggles I bought. Playing around with it and now thinking, which one shall I wear next? these are my super cool pair of goggles. It's like love at the first sight when I saw them on the shelves [and the shop keeper is super cute blonde presumably gay too]. So I bought them and paid full price. Look forward for next snow trip I can hitch on.

So what happened when the weather in the summit gone bad? I went for shopping.

On the side note: it was 8:30pm when I reached B's place, he won't let me to crash to his couch as I will get too comfortable and struggling to leave the house. Well, it's his day today, I'll just fulfill what ever he wants, so what ever food he wants to eat, deserts he craves and drinks he wants. But it will only last till midnight :D. It was a big Korean BBQ feast, I nearly died from overeating, LOL, and the chocolate cake was too thick and heavy.***

Saturday, 4 August 2012

coming out

What would you do if someone outed you to your parents? Everyone will have different answer and way to get out of the situation I suppose. This is my friend's story, Z. He went for dinner with B and I sometime late last year. Before we walked in, he was hesitating to get in because he recognise a friend of his already seated in the restaurant. Z's friend is Christian and very religious. But obviously B's and my gaydar sense that Z is also gay.

Recently, Z just foundout that this particular friend had outed him to his sister and his mom. Everyday he received messages from his mom that being gay is wrong etc etc. It was supposed to be something inspirational, but apparently it just annoyed him. Well, I would. Z been asking me what to do, but honestly I don't have the answer as everyone's situation are different and you need a tailor made answer for each situation.

What I can say was, I'll ignore, I'll take that as a comment if it were statements. But I'll reply if it was questions, and definetly will be a very very short answer, either two or three letter words. I suppose one thing that parents never realised is, the harder they chase their kids, the tighter they shut their mouth. I decided to stop replying mum's text messages as she chase me off. The last time I text her I only said, "can we stop on this subject otherwise you're loosing me". That was not a threat, that was a statement of fact as I will get tired to respond those comments.

But then again, each parents take it differently. Z's mum blame him for her blood pressure increase. Well, I guess my mum did the same too [at least she shifted the job to her doctor] Not that I came out to her yet, but I suppose she figured already. B's parents accept the fact easily, whilst AB's parents taking it even further like what's your plan to have children etc etc.

So, what would you do if you were in such situation?

PS: heading to snow [again] soon, just finished double check my list I thought to post this before I leave the driveway.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

from hotham to falls creek

boarder on the run
Despite thick fog along the way, I sped up thru it. It may sound dangerous, but I di my judgement based on other vehicles around. Arriving on the peak an hour earlier than scheduled we have the luxury of having breakfast. Driving with chain on front tyres is not nice at all. This practically made JL's car become a very expensive vibrator and I'm riding on it.

The fine weather didn't last long tho. After an hour doing a few laps of warm up runs, thick cloud came down from the summit. Snow start falling and cut our visibility from kms into 10 meters. I barely able to see humps, sign posts, nor other snowboarders/ski-ers. The slopes become so dangerous that we made the call to do intermediate slopes. We also end the day by 3pm. Two hours earlier than usual.

Second day was so much better, after snowing overnight, the slopes are easier to ride. I even managed to do some black trails. Whilst waiting for other mates to board down, I managed to take the most pictures here on second day.

Third day we decided to move to Falls Creek. As of this year, both alpines shares the same lift pass tickets so we can just move around different. Weather say decided different fate tho. Gushed wind has scraped all the powdery snows leaving icy surfaces and icicles start to fall on my heads. Even easy slopes became so dangerous that I fall several times. Thanks to my helmet I did not sustain major injuries as I fell hard on ice block. Surviving on black trails I drag JL to some easier slopes. As the wind subsided, slopes become easier to handle.

One thing that really different with this trip is, I can check out on guys infront of JL without worrying about what he thinks anymore. Since someone outed me to him few months ago, things became so easy. And I managed to chat with some cute guys up there in the mountain. blush blush...; and here're some photos.

PS: I just agreed to go to NSW for snow this coming Friday because it'll be half the cost of I usually spend for each trip.***

this is how much snow you can gather within just overnight [oops the windscreen wiper]

welcome to hotham

am I in Hotham? but Gotham sounds better

sliding over the road is kinda cool too

some easy slopes
and we're trying to get to the other side

feel like a bitch, wanting to throw this at JL

I'm snowboarding with these two guys on the right

isn't it just breath taking up here

and here too


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