Monday, 26 March 2012

bad hair day

More like not so good day. I dislike when people making a business appointment and late by 30 minutes. "Hello... no you're not late, 30 minutes is totally different time slot". So here's the lists:

1. Building managements and their contractors wanting to see me for checking the leak caused by the storm. TO save my time and talking, I made them to come all at once so they can also talk to each other. but everyone just did not turn up at the same time [30 minutes differents] and wasting my 2.5 hrs as well as repeat myself to every contractors.

2. Appointment with my hairdresser, so desperate need haircut. The hair dresser I want isn't in and the place is so full the bitch told me to come back in the avro. I decided to try the hair dresser half block away. I really shouldnt have done that because I ended up having a bad hair cut. The bitch cutting my hair like a tree in the back yard and my hair fall all over my face and the magazine I am reading. To make it worse, she doesnt even know how to wax hair. I told the story to Ben apparently he had even worse situation where the hairdresser gave him wax and told him to do it himself. LOL

3. I went to Nick scali to check on their dining table as well as asking the chance to change my lounge color as I suddenly want it in white. But the bad news is it will take them another two months to deliver so I think I'll just live with the retro color.

4. After seeing nice furniture shops, I went to ikea to check on their dining set I saw on the catalog. WHen we got there, errr... this is not as nice as the pictures to a point where we were too scared to sit on the chair as it is very flimsy as if it's gonna break if we sit too fast.

5. Ben's cleaner rang, she suddenly decided to come when we were still shopping around. sigh, so bodoh nya, she change time from 1.30 to 4.30 pm but suddenly change time again earlier tho her excuse is "sorry, I will be late". Helloo... from 1.30 to 4.30 is not late, it's totally different time slot.

Haish, feel like ranting today instead of posting something quirky.***

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

the more I talk the bigger my mouth

The other languages I speak are include Indonesian and Japanese. My Japanese is not so fluent but it is enough for verbal survival skills. When I decided to take the French lessons, I thought "I will need a bigger mouth now, or maybe brain power".

It has been four sessions (two weeks) of French class. I am glad that I am taking the course in this place. Unlike the other place where initially i was about to enroll, the people here are quiet pleasant. My teacher is really helpful. She came from north French. Really pretty, I would ask her to date me if I were straight. Being superficial, the rest of the class are not attractive because mainly females. The male students are all daddies, no good for the eyes, but I learnt life experience by having a chat or two with them. I respect for their knowledge in life.

Something that feels a bit wrong is that there is this sizzling hot Brazilian girl in the class. She always pick a seat next to me despite numerous empty seats available. There's a moment where I rest my left hand on my book and use my right hand to write, she suddenly grab my left hand with her cold palm so she could see what I wrote. "so where r u from again?" she asked. "I was born and raise in Indonesia", I replied. And tonite, it was raining, can't believe she's wearing short and come with long board on her shoulder like bart simpson but Brazilian girl version.

Apart from the fact that I've drawn the wrong crowd. The lessons so far so good. My aim is by 30th or 40th week I shall be able to speak and listen for the basic [by means non specific complicated topic i.e. engineering let alone social sciences] as well as composing simple paragraphs. Who knows I might have second blog in french by then. Cross finger.***

Friday, 16 March 2012

drag boobs

"M, do you have 10 minutes?", Chloe asked. "Yeah sure, what is it?", I asked her back. She then drag me to her lab in the building across the walkway. "I have a major problem in my process as the gas mass balance is totally wrong". I checked on her diagram and going back and forth fixing all the mistakes she made while asking her what happened over the weekend.

I kinda lost Chloe during the party, she apparently went out with her best friend somewhere else. Too drunk she ended up in Kinselas bar [around Taylor Square] almost sun rise time.

Me: "So what happened in Kinselas that night?"
Chloe : "A drag queen suddenly sat next to me with exhausted expression suddenly put her hands in her boobs and pull out a pair of fake silicon boobs with nipple on it and put them on the bar table right in front of me"
Me : [raise one eye brow] "huh...? what is it you and gay people" [including me]
Chloe : "So I started a conversation out of my curiousity, besides I was drunk as well"


Chloe : "Excuse me, I always wonder what does it like"[stare at pair of boobs on the table]
Chloe : "do you mind if I touch it?"
Drag : "sure darling, you can try to squeeze it"
Chloe : "Aww… this is too rubbery, I like the way my real boobs feel better"
Drag : "Darl, can I try to feel your boobs"
Chloe : "sure babe"
Drag : "wah this is too watery for me darling, I dun think I can dance with those pairs on me"


Me : "WTF… you let drag queen squeeze your boobs"
Chloe : "I dunno what happen with me, must be the tequila, and besides, gay people are always attracted to me for some reason, like you"
Chloe : "And where were you?"
Me : "Oh I was stuck with this czech guy, something goin on there but I'll pass the details" :P
Chloe : "what an awesome weekend we had"
Me : "Yeh, single hotties and alcohol, awesome mixture"

-------------LOL, that was so random. I blame the alcohol. period.

Me : "Open your process Argon at 1 bar...!"
Chloe : [twist twist twist some valves]
Me : "adjust it to your flowrate"
Chloe : [twist twist] "yayyy... OMG you fixed it"
Me : "so much about boobs, dick, and alcohol the other night, my brain is still working huh?"


Saturday, 10 March 2012

Julius Caesar

It has been raining everyday since third of march. I have been spending most of my free time at the gym, in the kitchen, or lazy in front of my TV watching DVD. The day after mardi grass I went thru my DVD shelf and pull out this Blue ray disc that I haven't touch in months. Rome, season one, that's the cover said. I recall AP hand this over to me months ago but I havent had time to watch it. I guess it's a good timing when I can't really go out.

I started watching this series during my free time and only managed to finish it last nite. Apart from a swinging penis on Mark Antony's lean body and more perky asses on screen, I like the way Julius Caesar mind games work. He has a very brilliant mind. The way that any other general will just punished their soldier for their mistakes. He can see what is down the road that is very sublte but absolutely right, not just what's in front of him. And never missed every single opportunity to get what he wants. He is very aware who shall be kept close and gain public support, and who shall be kept closer. How to drive Pompey Magnus and all political enemy out of Rome without a spill of blood and legally earn his throne by using the loop hole in the Roman law and made himself the law. Although at the end, he made one tiny mistake that lead Brutus stab him on the senate floor.

I am so looking forward to swap the discs with season two. I am sure Brutus and Gaius Octavian shall show their brilliant mind to [politically] rules Rome. Smart people are sexy, especially if they come with hot body like these Roman army and noble people. it's an added value.***

Friday, 9 March 2012

morning "lame" conversation

I hardly this lame

Lunch time,

I dun feel like eating,

scrolling thru my phone.

I tot this screen capture worth to crack your day.

Have a good lunch everyone [those who are on AEDST]

Autocorrect Fail

judging by the cover

Ben: "I made new friend on facebook today"
Me: "eh, how?"
Ben: "there's this white guy searched my full name on facebook and he got so many result so he added me as well"
Me: "is he gay?"
Ben: "I think so, his excuse was trying to find his friend on facebook who happened to have the same full name as me"
Me: "show me his picture lo"
Ben: [tap tap tap on his phone and showed me a pic]
Me: "emmm... he's 100% bottom"[I then turn my head back to TV]
Ben: "How do you know?"
Me: "I just know, I can tell from quick look on his face profile picture"

Thursday, 8 March 2012

practice make perfect, really?

smelter boot, quiet fancy tho []
Well it may be applied to most of cases from learning how to cook, sewing, gardening, picking up boys, got picked up, even writing a blog. But, I think there're somethings that require more than just practice. Today, My boss's colleague sent someone to me. He asked me to teach this guy how to melt aluminium and cast it into iron mould to form various shape.

When I met the guy, errr..., I do not have a confident with him, even before he open his mouth. [yeh don't judge the book by it's cover but mostly I managed to justify before hand]. So, I hand him over some long sleeve kevlar gloves, a smelting apron, a face shield , and a pair of steel toes smelting boots and walk toward smelting area. I showed him how to turn everything on one at a time whilst he took notes. Then an hour later the Aluminium has melted. I showed him how to bail the ladle and pour them into cast iron mould. When his turn comes I [accidentally] looked down to the floor and saw the boots he's wearing. "Stop right there... and get out", I yelled. He got confused, I walked towards the nearest phone and dial his boss number. "Richard, I am here to teach him how to do casting, not how to wear boots", I said. "What are you talking about?" his boss lost in my sarcasm. "How am I suppose to have a confident on this guy handling two kg of molten state metal at 800C when he fail to identify which one is left boots which one is right boots?". And the argument over the phone continued.

I stared at him during the phone argument, then he start switching his boots to the appropriate foot. The conclusion, I shall give him three chances, so i did. The next time he pour the molten state, he has no idea when to stop and the molten metal spilled all over the place. The second time he failed to aim where the molten metal should go. The third time, he splash the molten metal to my sleeves, lucky enough I managed to response quickly by flicking the splash with my kevlar. It burnt my sleeves and some small grain penetrated thru and leaves two tiny holes about 1mm deep on my upper arm. Second thought, this is probably one of those things where you need more than just practice, but also you need brain and confidence to do the job.

I sent him back to his boss, and tell him to tell his boss what happened today in smelting section. I'm still pissed, the hole is not painful anymore, but left a mark on my arm.***

Monday, 5 March 2012

Mardi Gras

Please be warn, this post contain heaps of images, images may contain partial nudity, some hotties, and cuties XD...
Proceed with cautions, you have been warned ... :p

Here it goes again, Mardi Gras Parade. Just like last year, this time it comes with pouring rain. Oxford street is flocked with straight people as well as gay people [people to be short]. Since it's pouring rain, I couldn't have much view with sea of umbrella all over the place and my freedom to capture images become so limited with the pouring rain.

Mardi gras, All I see is sea of umbrellas
Pouring rain and strong wind didnot deter me from going out and see the parade. Parade had not became my main reason to go anymore. The cuties, is my incentive to go. I wanna see cute guys, and see them wet as well.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

I'm a hazard to myself

C: "can I have one £@#¥$ burger please"
W: "meal or just burger?"
C: "meal"
Ben: [whispering to me] "Oh nooo... what is this guy doing"
Me : "huh?"
W: "would you like to upsize for extra 50¢?"
Ben: [whispering] "please say no...
Me: "Shh... leave him be"
C: "yes please, and can I also have an extra gravy on the potatoe and also ..."
Ben: [whispering] "what has he done to himself...?"

Friday, 2 March 2012

My nipple..., drop...

wonder when can I be this well sculpted
Weather rape continue. I felt so lazy to go to work. 8 am, Ben was downstairs buzzing my phone. I can't believe he was walking in this cold weather in singlet from the mechanic which is 1.5 km away and woke me up with take away coffee and breakfast on his hands. So I let him in. Half asleep with coffee on my hands watching TV cartoon having breakfast together, I dun really care if I late for work, so tired. An hour later I kicked him out because I finally decided to go to work. :) my boss is so gonna bitch slap me if his office is in the same building as me. Lucky it's not.... "I think I'm underdressed in this weather", I shout.

Lunch time, I ran back to my car and drive back. I tot I should drive Ben to the mechanic since it's raining I don't think he can just walk in the rain because I'm pretty sure he forgot to take his umbrella out of his car. So dead bored, we ate some japanese food at food court. Blah... not nice, I can make much better version than this. Driving back to work in the rain, and cold, and have no sweater with me, and still with my short jeans. I dun like wearing long pants at work, it's just not me, even in winter.

.....  "It's so cold that my nipple drop"  .....

[trying to pick it up]

Eh, tomorrow is Mardi Grass 2012. I hope weather will be better so I can watch my friend marching along oxford street in, err... I'm not even sure what is he going to wear. Because when I asked, his answer was "very little". Let's see if his nipple gonna drop too. As for me, if weather is friendly, I'll go with Seb and his bf and Seb's work friend [Teddy], Al might just hop on as usual. Happy MG for Sydney readers.... ***

raped by the weather

blob of oil
It has been hot days in the past few days then turn into humid days in the last three days. So late you [summer]....!!!, this is first day of autumn. The last three days has made me like living in a giant sauna [not gay sauna, I wish tho I never been in one]. My lab where I work is warm enough in winter, very unpleasant in summer, and this very high humidity floating in the air is just an additional swell on my melted skin. The only good thing about this steamy weather is that it made my skin naturally moisturised [made me look like a blob of oil], and everything else just so bad and getting to my nerve. All I want is just air conditioned room but my office AC wasn't rightly tuned.

I head back home get change to my singlet and crash on my bed with big open window. Ben suddenly turned up on my doorstep half an hour later [dunno how did he get there, he doesnt have my keys] and I let him in then crash back on bed, he didn't even bothered with his long sleeve shirt just crashed there next to me. We had a power nap then decided to go swimming down at the ground floor of his building. But, it's flocked with people so we went to the gym where the airconditioner is the strongest [keeping the sweaty people stay cool but hotties stays hottie]. "I'm gonna lift only half of whatever you lift, it's tiring even to breathe", I whined to Ben. An hour later, when we got out, hellooo... it's raining.

Right now, midnight, it's freakin storm, I live on roof top floor and the wind so strong as if it's gonna pry off my bedroom roof. Sigh, I have been raped by the weather multiple time; the heat, the steamy, the storm. Headache, trying to sleep now.

footnote: just another whining day, trying to get rid of the other stuffs from my mind


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