Saturday, 29 September 2012

euro babble pt.4 [norwegian boys]

The advantage of having an [adequate] zoom lens is that I can stalk on some cute boys. Some shots are too blur that I don't think I can show it here. Here's some that I still manage to capture. The paparazzi in me. Next stop, Stockholm.

1 DILF 2 Mr nice butt
3 4
5 6
7 8
9 10

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

euro babble pt.3 [norway on the road]

feeling so colorful with the cow
Before I continue with the posts about the norwegian boys [wink] let me finish the post about Norway.

The logs continued by road trip around west part of Norway. Waking up in the morning I was greeted by rainy Oslo. Walking under the rain to Radisson Blu Hotel to pick up the car only to find that they ran out of the car I booked. Surprise…!!! I got free upgrade to Audi A3 instead. There's only a small problem with it tho. I'll be driving on the other side of the road on a fully MANUAL car.

free upgrade, why not?
This gets interesting because I use the opposite hand to drive the gear stick. It takes a while to get used to it not to mention driving on the [normally] passenger seat makes my brain works around it. The complicated [open/close roads] of Oslo old town streets in the wet rainy morning makes everything so difficult to navigate, I feel glad when we finally managed to get to highway and I kept telling myself outloud "stick to the right" that's where slow lanes are, at least until I can get used to it. Today we're heading to Geiranger fjords for the next leg. It was sunshine along the way to Geiranger.

Norwegian typical old church
Fourth leg : Geiranger
As we arrived, it was late already. The drive was wet and we went thru so many christmas trees [I guess now I know why Papa Nöel choose these trees for Xmas]. Tundras are also the views that amazed me, but the most interesting part was where I had to go thru numerous of super hairpin in slippery and wet road. That was kinda fun.

fifth leg : Hellysit
Finally getting on ferry with the car [my first time ever for me to do, it got me so excited]. The patchy on and off rain was a big dissapointment. But then again as the shop keeper said, this year Norway have been having more rain than usual, so bye bye blue sky, let alone having a really odd chance to see Aurora Borealis. I'm sure with big blue sky, these fjords will look even more magical, majestic, and grander than what I've seen in New Zealand.

Getting off from this ferry, I drove the car around and pass other fjords and regular ferry. Their view is pretty much standard, mountains, red houses, green patches of fields, and water [reminds me of Glenorchy but a hundred thousands more red houses]

even cruise ship looks tiny
houses blending with the greens [must have something to do with the giants]

Sixth leg : Bergen

Arriving in Bergen was late already. Y let me stay with her as my hostel was overbooked in their system and the replacement accomodation was too far away from the city. This really isn't my preference at all. Roaming around the town, we just realised that we're staying in historical part of the suburb in Bergen. They are even protected by UNESCO. wet weather still followed us, so I don't have much to tell but some pictures.

McD operates in old building from so green

Seventh leg : Gudvangen and Eighth leg : Myrkladen Voss.

This is another sweet surprise as we got a full size apartment for the cost of one bed of backpacking in Oslo. Freaking cheap that I couldn't believe it.

Ninth leg : Flåm

I should call this the gay day. When you see rainbow seven times in seven different places within the span of less than 6 hours, that's just too coincidental. Luck maybe? Call it whatever you want but it is pretty much a gay day to me. It's like seven gay brothers or something. Along the way from Myrkladen Voss we made a stop in this small town called Flam. simply for this superb view before we head back to Oslo for tenth leg.

Monday, 24 September 2012

euro babble pt.2 [Oslo]

Back to photo posts I suppose, just like every other post-trips

03.09 Third leg : Oslo

The pilot somehow did mis-approach on the first attempt to land here but we managed to land safely [or roughly?] well at least we're flying in Europe, not some random airlines in south east asia.

When I heard Norwegian talking as we made our way out of the airport, it reminds me of a few friends who lives up in Trondheim, they sounds mmm... what's the word, "unique" I guess. But I got used to it when I work with them in the lab.

Monday, blue sky, it's nice, When did I ever love Monday? Hah... that day I love Monday. Heading straightaway to Oslo city I checked in to my hostel then start wandering around the town. Most gay Norwegians are tall, blonde, and hot [in my view at least]. I'll spare that story for next time. It shall be one special coverage on this as I have plenty pictures [wink]. Now, here's some shots I got. I dono how to reduce the number of the photos anymore. Y kept saying this is famous and that is famous, and yet I didn't have time to findout what the heck is that on my shots, as long as it look nice :p

to be continued here


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