Sunday, 29 April 2012


I don't get paid for posting this video, but I love to share regardless XD. I always love watching hunky lean guys with the touch exhibitionist attitude, drolll.... reminds me of my modelling days.

Friday, 27 April 2012

my type

Me : "Wah, that guy so hot ah, my type"
Seb: [bitch stare]
Me : "what?"
Seb: "do you even have a type?"
Me : "are you inferring that I am a slut?"
Seb: "because every guy you called your type is like everyone's idol, hahaha"
Me : [bitch stare back]
Seb: "your type is everybody's type now"
Me : "hey if they respond to me, then it means I am worth it, despite that I was dumped"

Even until now, I still can't figure out my own type for a bf. But I guess when we go down that road, everyone wants the same thing, good heart, kind, and all the good treat after all. If type by means look, I think type is overrated. Yeah ideally you'll have a partner which is your type. But no body is perfect, so somewhere between your type to a desperation treshold is acceptable. Below that, you're just desperate, LOL. But yeah, when you love someone, you love him for the moments you went thru. It's about the process and the quality. If he feels the same way about you, it's good, if he doesn't then befriend is always a good thing.***

Monday, 23 April 2012

manners, have they gone to the drain?

Saying please and thank you is very much universal in many race, cultures, and languages. It is something that we were taught since we were children. So, I take no excuse for those people who are rude, having attitude problem, and no manners. Another colleague of my boss ask his subordinate to get me for assisting his project. What this guy did is sent me email and Quote

Dear M,

I am H## Q##, my ID number is ### ## ##. I need to use the #######, could you arrange that?

H## Q##

I wonder what's wrong with this person, I never met the guy and the first impression he made towards me is really really bad. First impression count, and this one is just one bad one. That email is very straight forward [I like] but no manners at all with hell lot of attitude [very much dislike]. I thought this guy is either having attitude problem, or he has a really poor english, or combined of both. Either way, I will give him a very tough time in this particular project. [evil grin]***

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

the awkward moment

It's the sixth day, finally I was up from bed after having the stupid flu. Well I was better on the third day but then I "smartly" decided to go to gym which made things worse instead. Thus, I went back to bed with fever over the weekend and Monday. During that time, I drafted my post from my iPad and schedule post them. I thought my iPad is light until...

That awkward moment when you type on tablet on bed and suddenly it slipped from your hands and fall on your face... D'oh...!!!!

Stupid me, it hurt. Despite the fact that I skipped work yesterday after the morning fever, I managed to pushed myself to attend the French course last nite. My sore throat suddenly gave a sexy French accent on my when Perrine made me pronounce 5,555,555,555 (cinq-milliard-cinq-cent-cinquante-cinq-million-cinq-cent-cinquante-cinq-mil-cinq-cent-cinquante-cinq).

That cold night gave me another fever. I woke up so early this morning but too lazy to get off the bad. I told myself I have to go to work otherwise my tasks will start piling up. I had to drive around to suppliers picking up spare parts after lunch, so happy that I managed to stop over at a car wrecker and got this fuel flap I been searching for two years (at reasonable price of course).

When I finished work, ended up at my dentist chair having my mouth opened for 50 minutes non stop it really gave me a sore jaw. Brrrrr.... My phone vibrates, oh it's Ben, asking me for gym, and I thought of giving it a go. I installed the fuel flap after gym, so happy, garage is too dark dy to snap a pic, maybe tomolo... Time to bed, so tired.***

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

leontopodium alpinum

That is the latin name for Edelweiss. The common name comes from German edel, meaning "noble", and weiß (also spelled weiss) "white", thus signifying "noble whiteness". [wikipedia]

Chloe: "go wikipedia"
M: "eh?"
Chloe: "search for edelweiss"
M: "what an ugly flower"
Chloe: "yeah, if you wanna proof your love to someone, you should go climb the mountain and get one of these for your girl"
M: "you mean boy right?"
Chloe: "yeah in your case would be a boy"
M: "that's too easy"
Chloe: "what do you mean too easy, who would climb that high, here it said and quote"

"The plant is unequally distributed and prefers rocky limestone places at 2000–2900 m altitude."[wikipedia]

M: "I used to climb limestone mountains when I was in highschool back in Indo, and we occasionally found these flowers, and not knowing that it means a lot for our bf/gf we just ignore them, but now that you mentioned it, I recall that mum used to tell me about this flower"
Chloe: "next time if you go back there and climb, get me one okay, hahaha"
M: "the flower will die when I reach here, as if our border security will let plants pass the border"***
alpen edelweiss [wikipedia]

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

english name

The three of us, Seb, Al and I, were sitting in front of the solicitor. Actually I was the one who has the appointment with him. We were listening to what the solicitor explainations, the risk, the things I must not do, the things I have to do, the reminders and notices, etc. Then he came to a point where he needs to copy all of my ID's [passport, drivers license, and medicare]. He stumbled on my full name on these three ID's. They are the same but what disturb him is the fact that it is not an english name.

Solicitor: "M, you really should get an english name"
M: "Yeah, I have thought of that but I still can't figure out what shall I use, that will show that name is me"
Solicitor: "You will find yourself hard to find a job if you don't, and I know the whole idea that your name is given by your parents etc"
M: "Actually I dun give a damn crap about that, it's just the hassle of getting new name that annoys me"
M: "Do you watch the simpsons?"
Solicitor: [nod]
M: "did you watch the episode where homer..."
Solicitor: "homer is a good name"
M: "I havent finished yet, yeah, homer doesnt like his own name and changed into Max Power, I got it from the hair dryer he said"
Solicitor: LOL
M: "yeah, it represent how dumb he is, now I want something that represent me"
Solicitor: "Do you have a girl friend"
Seb, Al and I exchanged stares at each other [we're gays for heaven sake] then Al kick my foot for a sign
M: "No, I don't"
Solicitor: "If you have one, ask her to give you one, it'd be a nice gift"

After signing the papers we left and Seb telling me to consider what the solicitor said about the English name. I just can't think of one, I texted Ben, and see what he thinks. He thinks I shall stick with my own name, but I am considering one english name, just one word for my first name, any ideas?

Thursday, 5 April 2012

What's your number

Its been a long day today for me. I decided to drive for French class as the teacher added extra half an hour for coming four session. She's taking a day off and that four x half an hour extensions is to catch up her absence.

In the car, I was so bored with my song on my car hard drive . I switched on the radio listening to a census result that in average [male and female] had sex with 21 people in their life. Yes, that's right, twenty one people. Eat that Anna Faris, your number isn't that many after all. So the listener start calling as the topic turned into, "do you tell your partner the real number as to how many people you had slept with?". What drew my attention was when there's this girl [33 years old] said that she lied about the number to her current bf, but she was shocked as to how many her bf had slept with. His number was ....

two hundred fourty three... It is a three digits number. I was shocked, but the way she sees it is that she has a well trained bf on bed (as long as he's clean I suppose). So the radio presenter asked her true number, she said fourty three and not all guys. So she did lesbians too. Despite the fact, the numbers make me feel like just another Ozzie. LOL, this census proofs that I'm not a slut in this country.***

Monday, 2 April 2012

In response

In response to little funny things posted by Leo Nut. That was funny tho, because around the same time when his mum saw my half naked pic on his Skype, AA also have similar situation with Leo Nut and resulting to my avatar picture change on Skype. AA works for an IT company and one day their board meeting room got new computer with giant screen for tele conference. When they do a trial, his bosses and the big bos of the company are there to find out how this thing works. So AA tried With his Skype account. "whoosh...!!!" it goes online and there it is my half naked pic on the screen apparently he set it up by last person to chat with and got my profile came up. He told me, "OMG M, the board directors drop their jaws when they saw your picture with status MSG I am contagious dot dot dot". I laugh so hard, so I told AA "well, if there's a hot manager in your company intro me lah". Since then I change my Skype picture. ***


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