Friday, 8 November 2013

random act of kindness

The other night I went out to city to meet my broker and sign up some papers. I can't do it during business because I have my outlook full chock-a-block with several commitment, besides it would be easier for him as well so he can attend other clients during business hours. I met him at Starbucks cafe at haymarket as we usually have post dinner discussion over there. Pages after pages, reading these contracts can be really daunting. In no time, my hands started to get fill up with different papers of terms and conditions etc. Then at the end I signed the papers and collate my part and his part and packed up as the nights is getting late.

The following morning as I was getting ready to go to work. Shush... I can't find my wallet...!!! I swore at myself. I rang Al as he left early to see my mechanic for his car maintenance, he said he didn't see my wallet. I thought that living in big city like Sydney, I must be very careful. First thing that came into mind is that my bank cards security has been compromised. I cancelled all my cards within 10 minutes and I decided to drive to work anyway without wallet. Probably not a good idea as I don't have drivers license with me.

I goggled the phone number of the coffee shop and decided to ring them see if they see my wallet at all. To my relief, one of the cleaner found my wallet and the management kept it for me. They couldn't contact me because I don't have phone number in it but I confirmed my home address as stated on my ID's. I drove there during lunch time, make a dash and I'm glad that everything stays intact except for my license as they probably try to findout the owner of this pretty wallet.

I guess good thing are bound to happen. Although I don't really trust people after seeing what's on the news, but whenever I found phones, wallet, keys at random places like gym, parking lot, library, and I always made sure that these items goes back to the rightful owner. And this time is my turn... It has restored my trust with humanity.***


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