Sunday, 30 June 2013

Move my nest

Yay, finally moved house....

As I typed this post, I just managed to make my bed, still a lot to unpack but at least I have my Internet, power, TV, lounge, dining, fridge, and finally bed (not completed, but I can climb and sleep on it). Still missing out (misplaced) a lot of stuffs. I can't even find my hair dryer. But meh, been raining in the past 12 days non stop that my removalist complained how slippery it was to carry my furnitures.

After nesting in the old place for the past 7 years, I braved myself to move out. I don't wanna feel so attached to it. Ideally, I wanna live in different places and see how it feels.q maybe I should start selling my stuffs from now on. I'm gonna miss my old place, but at least I know the people who live there now, so I can always come back occasionally.

Things that I will miss:
1. The big floor to ceiling window (and the rainbow)
2. The big balcony
3. The birds
4. The vast living room where I can invite people over
5. The double carapace
6. The friendly neighbor

Things that I will not miss
1. That god damn slow elevator
2. That intercom which is nonsense
3. The smoke alarm which constantly beeping
4. The leak on the window
5. The layout that is not thoughtful (must be a beginner architect)
6. The occasional moment when I got trapped in the elevator

Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Raining again, I am not sure how to get stuffs for work from store across the road in this heavy rain. I have been drowning myself with work. I used to start at 8 am and leave work at 4 pm no matter what. But something bothered me, and what's disturbing is the fact that I fail to pointed at what. I been trying to shake it off, but seems futile. Hence, I drown myself with work. I start at 8 am but finished at 6 and often 8 pm. I'm not sure what it is, but I feel so lonely for no reason. I am not complaining about being single, but even hanging out with friends is rather an impossible mission.

Packing is half way done, I can't pack any more because what left to pack are the stuffs I will need to use in coming 2.5 weeks anyway. Moving house is tedious, after 7 years living in this house since I was study and have gap year and finally got myself a job. I made a lot of memories in this place. I decided to move but I feel nervous now. What if I don't like sharing house with Al. But it will be first change after my stagnant  life.***


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