Thursday, 1 December 2011

breakup line decoder

SO, you've just got dumped? Ever confused when you're trying to translate what is s/he trying to say during break up?, does "It's not you, it's me" line sounds familiar to you? No, you did not over analyse things and yeah, the other party will make things sounds so nice and yet confusing. These lines are mostly just a lie and some are insincere excuses to justify that the other party is doing the right thing for the good of both of you, but reality is for the good of him/herself. SELFISH.... I read this book by Jason Logan "If we ever break up, this is my book" and found one page where he decode the meaning of his/her break up line. The following decoder are partly taken from Jason's book and most of them are my own and my friend's experiences.


I don't feel that we are meant to be This means as it is, the most honest you could possibly get
It's not you OH, IT IS YOU ALRIGHT ...!
I just need some time to figure things out the first thing to figure out is how to get out without hurting your feelings
I've always wanted to check out Europe on my own And I bought a one way ticket
I really value our friendship Our sex life is OVER...!
How do you feel about open relationships? Because you are in one right now
You can see someone else, I don't mind s/he feel less guilty if you did, because s/he cheated on you already
I will miss the thought of you You are replaceable, s/he will do the things you did together with someone new
It's the distance, made my feeling dwindle s/he met someone else long before the breakup
I wonder, where is this relationship going because you are a back up by now
I think our relationship is nearing a breaking point Your relationship has an expiry date and it was expired long time ago
I think you will make someone very happy Good luck to you ...!
I am not good enough for you, you deserve someone better Oh you're not good enough for me OK...
I will probably never meet anyone like you again s/he met someone better
I'm just not sure I want to do this anymore... s/he is bored of you
I'm making changes in my life that don't include you. I'm sorry s/he included someone else
You can keep the cat I will be keeping everything else
Do you remember who bought this CD? Otherwise, I'm completely packed

What was his/her break up line? care to share?


  1. One guy used 7 of those lines on me.

  2. "It's the distance, made my feeling dwindle", Im leaving to aussie soon and this line(approx) was used.. =(

  3. @Aiden, I'm sure he used more, but probably it's not on this list

    @CK, if he said it after he left, then he has someone else in mind already, if he said it before he left, he wants a new freedom, it's the excitement of getting some one new in foreign land.



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