Tuesday, 2 December 2014


Thirteen months [almost] since my last log here and a long way since my first post here. I am still with same job but different assignment, same car but different modification. In saying that, I also went through different patches, been travelling several more times across the globe, few guys in and out of my life, moved house three times, bought my own home, successfully deactivated my Facebook account for almost 10 months now, started new hobby, and a new bf who is moving in with me. Two major changes in me that I really notice are:
1. I become emotionally detached over people and things in life
2. I learnt how to quickly decide whether what to keep and to let go which also relate to first point

Last week, a friend of mine was in a broke down state, he just got dumped by his gf for [no offend intended] a silly reason. Six zodiac [years] difference brings you bad luck, or so they say. Therefore her family forced her to dump him. Although at this stage, I kinda hope he can pick up himself quickly and moved on since he is experienced in getting dumped few times before but seems he's still appeared as a learner.

I kinda glad that I am emotionally detached now. If some family member told me to do something that I disagree, I would just walk away until they learn that everyone makes their own decision. And I just hope that I will still have the ability of being detached. I learnt that being attached to something [or someone] can be a very costly exercise when they're gone.

So yes, I am more important than anything else to myself.***

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