Monday, 9 July 2012

boys I find attractive

I'm not sure if boys I find attractive can be categorised as my type. I'm not even sure what is a type anymore. Type is more like overrated for me now. But anyway, after a while these are what I think made boys so attractive to me if they have the following treats: tall, lean/athletic, knows what to wear and how to present himself, know what he wants in life, a go-get-er on his passion, and preferably non smoking. No, wait, that's sounds so vain but bear with me for a moment. There's more than just vanity behind it that made me attracted.

Tall, it's kinda you're born with it right? what I meant by tall is that he can stand tall, no hunches or feeling small and insecure gestures. Those who tends to sit and stand with hunches are tend [not always] to be less confident about themselves. Mean while lean/athletic shape has something to do with their: discipline, self-control, and self-confident. I'm not interested with those bad boy look, but I'm more attracted what's underneath it.

Discipline. Everyone was born with baby fat. Those lean/athletic shape is something that they earn thru discipline. Even if you do liposuction, the muscle lines will not look as natural. Self-control. No offence intended to those who are having larger BMI number [it's just my preference], but by having lean and athletic shape [in relative to his age, i.e. don't expect a gold fish to do wall climbing here] means that he has self control over what he eats. If he can control what he eats [I don't mean with calculation of how many calorie per meal per day, but more like guesstimating how much intake he needs vs the activity planned on that day]. Self control is eventually become a key to major decisions in life, such as finance and future career. Self-confident. Boys who are stay in shape will have a better self confident. I am not having a bf who has lack of self confident of himself and require praises from me in order to make him feel better. I want him to feel good for who he is.

If he has self-confident then he will never have a problem in finding what to wear anymore or how to present himself. Afterall, he's the one wearing the clothings not the clothings wears his body. That's when brands of clothings became something so trivial that he wouldn't even care. if it's brandless but looks nice on him, his posture, and his skin tone, then brandless clothing it is.[OMG: I've turn into a guy I should marry]. He will still need to get some adequate branded stuffs just for some occasions, but it's not necessarily an everyday thing.

Knowing what he wants in life will surfaced as soon as i start to get to know him. If he knows what he wants and actually go and try to get it without much gazillion thought is a plus. The non smoking part, well I have to admit I used to smoke occasionally since I was 10 till around 18 ish, but I quit since then. Don't solely blame me, because every banner I see on Indonesian streets are related to cigarettes, where every other countries it is illegal. But here, I don't smoke, I can't afford cigarettes, I live a healthier life and I'd expect the same from him.

Additional attributes of boys that I find attractive are good looking, blonde hair, blue eyes, smooth/hairless skin, it'd be nice if he speaks French and also knows how to surf those big waves on the beach as well as snowboard with me. It's not necessary, but it'll be added value, it's not a number one requirement, not even the super good look on his face. Gym, with that lean body, I'm sure he does it. And don't get me wrong, I still have preference too.

to be continued... boys I find comfortable with***


  1. Replies
    1. ish, not 10 lah, by age meaning as one aged, you can't expect them to still as fit as before to do intensive exercise

  2. hahahaha...yeah, it is more than vanity..I know u aren't that low =D

    1. hahaha, I need a mirror, vanity mirror

    2. u have no need for mirror..just need to see kevin and u know ur vanity aint that high yet =P LOLLLLLLLLL

      so nice to talk bad bout someone that rarely read XD hahaha

    3. let's talk bad about him in public, hahahaha

  3. It seems to me that your preferences refer to the ideal case. In reality, probably you might settle for less? ;-)

    My preferences tend to be less demanding, though.

    1. Hahaha, but thats just what I find attractive, it doesn't mean I will be comfortable with, besides I'm still holding on to the fact that people tend to end up with those who are not their type eventually (in general)



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