Sunday, 23 September 2012

euro babble pt.1 [in transit]

Weekend, finally. I been working my ass off to catch up whatever I left for my 11 working days off. I know I will not get credit out of this sh!t but I don't think leaving it will make my life easier at work anyway. I dropped my car today and bought new iPhone 5 which happened to be in good timing as my old iPhone was half dead in Vienna. Anyway, I finally can breathe and post again on this blog, so I shall write about my two-weeks europe runaway journey.

02.09 First Leg : Singapore
Flying scoot for the second time, I am more experienced in picking the seat. I choose seat near the aircraft door, less noisy and I happened to sit next to quiet Singaporean couple. Landing in the airport I crossed the border and collect my luggage. Nothing really much to see here as I am stuck in the airport. Food is pretty much Asian, it's a good thing as I mostly like Asian food with some chilli in it. The food that I really really craved about when I landed was Nasi Lemak with beef, but it seems I can't find any [apparently they'e closed already]. Moving from terminal two to terminal one to catch Y for Finnair was a breeze. At finnair check-in counter, I can see lot's and lot's of typical nordic people, tall, slender, blonde, blue/green eyes.

As we enter the finnair aircraft, temperature was too hot even for us. Y asked whether they are going to switch on the aircon at all. Guess what the air stewardess reply? "Oh miss, the aircraft need to reverse once in order to have the aircon switched on". Err... are you serious? After the plane took off I tried to sleep instead.

03.09 Second leg: Helsinki
Transitting in Helsinki was smooth for me except the part when they do security check. For some reason my pants button gives the beep twice. The hot security guy asked me to raise my arms and start doing body search. They take it seriously as he didn't just tapping my clothes but also slip his palm in beween my waistband as well as my undies to get more through examination and squeeze mu butt cheek in case something stuck in between [maybe?] I dono. But anyhoo we really need to run to the next gate as the plane is flying within 20 minutes and we haven't clear the border yet. Y had a bit of halt at the border for some reason. When we board the plane, apparently we were the last two passengers just before they shut the aircraft door. [to be continued here]
racing against that tiny plane far far away

Finnair corner : Mac haven

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