Monday, 24 September 2012

euro babble pt.2 [Oslo]

Back to photo posts I suppose, just like every other post-trips

03.09 Third leg : Oslo

The pilot somehow did mis-approach on the first attempt to land here but we managed to land safely [or roughly?] well at least we're flying in Europe, not some random airlines in south east asia.

When I heard Norwegian talking as we made our way out of the airport, it reminds me of a few friends who lives up in Trondheim, they sounds mmm... what's the word, "unique" I guess. But I got used to it when I work with them in the lab.

Monday, blue sky, it's nice, When did I ever love Monday? Hah... that day I love Monday. Heading straightaway to Oslo city I checked in to my hostel then start wandering around the town. Most gay Norwegians are tall, blonde, and hot [in my view at least]. I'll spare that story for next time. It shall be one special coverage on this as I have plenty pictures [wink]. Now, here's some shots I got. I dono how to reduce the number of the photos anymore. Y kept saying this is famous and that is famous, and yet I didn't have time to findout what the heck is that on my shots, as long as it look nice :p

to be continued here


  1. Whats the spiky ball display everyone sit around? Such a random thing.. lol

    1. that is supposed to be water fountain shaped like dandelion, but they didn't switch on the water



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