Thursday, 25 July 2013


Sometimes I wonder why [certain] people around me trying so hard to convince me that I will not be able to do something that I believe I can accomplish it. Despite the fact that I have a detail calculation, steps and strategy how to accomplish it and I know that I will be able to achieve that goal for sure. But some, just kept trying to convince me [without solid proof] that I will not make it.

Once, I'll just brush it off like a lint from my black shirt. But repeatedly? It really bothers me. Outside I'll be as cheerful as I can be, but some nights I will sit on the corner of my bedroom wondering why would people do such things instead of supporting me. But then I snap myself up, who else is going to believe in me but myself. Y would say, "what others say to you is usually what reflects about themselves". She has a point in that sense, historically I proof them wrong about me and I proof that they are the ones who are unable to achieve goals that I accomplished.

So I shall never forget, that I must not underestimate my own ability to achieve my goal. I am the one who knows what I am capable of, and I will believe in myself. Life without goal and ambition isn't worth living. Besides, those certain people are just simply... pathetic.


  1. i supposed different people will say such things for different reasons. and i strongly believe if it comes from true people (like parents, close friends, etc), their intentions would mostly be good except that their perspectives may not nec be the same as yours.

    most importantly, do your homework, research, weighs the pros and cons, and decide what is best for you. ultimately, it is you who live your life. not them.

    all the best m.



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