Wednesday, 11 April 2012

english name

The three of us, Seb, Al and I, were sitting in front of the solicitor. Actually I was the one who has the appointment with him. We were listening to what the solicitor explainations, the risk, the things I must not do, the things I have to do, the reminders and notices, etc. Then he came to a point where he needs to copy all of my ID's [passport, drivers license, and medicare]. He stumbled on my full name on these three ID's. They are the same but what disturb him is the fact that it is not an english name.

Solicitor: "M, you really should get an english name"
M: "Yeah, I have thought of that but I still can't figure out what shall I use, that will show that name is me"
Solicitor: "You will find yourself hard to find a job if you don't, and I know the whole idea that your name is given by your parents etc"
M: "Actually I dun give a damn crap about that, it's just the hassle of getting new name that annoys me"
M: "Do you watch the simpsons?"
Solicitor: [nod]
M: "did you watch the episode where homer..."
Solicitor: "homer is a good name"
M: "I havent finished yet, yeah, homer doesnt like his own name and changed into Max Power, I got it from the hair dryer he said"
Solicitor: LOL
M: "yeah, it represent how dumb he is, now I want something that represent me"
Solicitor: "Do you have a girl friend"
Seb, Al and I exchanged stares at each other [we're gays for heaven sake] then Al kick my foot for a sign
M: "No, I don't"
Solicitor: "If you have one, ask her to give you one, it'd be a nice gift"

After signing the papers we left and Seb telling me to consider what the solicitor said about the English name. I just can't think of one, I texted Ben, and see what he thinks. He thinks I shall stick with my own name, but I am considering one english name, just one word for my first name, any ideas?


  1. Why not try to find a name with similar meaning to your real name? For example, if you real name means victory, then you probably can name yourself Victor.

    1. Yah, I had a thought about that, but now I'm thinking of something that can complement (the meaning) of my current first name so I can still keep it as middle name instead

  2. hmm.. actually i think Malimo is quite easy to pronounce and remember.. :)
    maybe u can shorten it to just "Mal"? :P

    1. hmm.. I think I should use some english name starts with M, I'm an "M" person hahahaha.... "mal" sounds like Robin Scherbatsky [how I met your mother] song, "let's go to the mall"

    2. at least better than ' sandcastle in the sand ' or ' beaver song' la...;p
      what abt Matt? Mac? both sounds young and intelligent and energetic :)

  3. just use ur own name..make other ppl life difficult try to pronounce it and remember it..haha xD

    1. Loool, and I have a hard time to spell it everytime I intro myself, hahaha

  4. Be radical.... try something like Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah

    Oops! That's our new Agong! WAHAHAHAHA

  5. well... u are probably not destined to have an english name if you were to have a girlfriend suggest one for you... oh, you can try something challenging macam Balasubramaniummuthulingumsamy A/L ...

    1. hahaha... LOL, fail, I fail to pronounce whatever that balaasub... blah blah....



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