Wednesday, 18 April 2012

the awkward moment

It's the sixth day, finally I was up from bed after having the stupid flu. Well I was better on the third day but then I "smartly" decided to go to gym which made things worse instead. Thus, I went back to bed with fever over the weekend and Monday. During that time, I drafted my post from my iPad and schedule post them. I thought my iPad is light until...

That awkward moment when you type on tablet on bed and suddenly it slipped from your hands and fall on your face... D'oh...!!!!

Stupid me, it hurt. Despite the fact that I skipped work yesterday after the morning fever, I managed to pushed myself to attend the French course last nite. My sore throat suddenly gave a sexy French accent on my when Perrine made me pronounce 5,555,555,555 (cinq-milliard-cinq-cent-cinquante-cinq-million-cinq-cent-cinquante-cinq-mil-cinq-cent-cinquante-cinq).

That cold night gave me another fever. I woke up so early this morning but too lazy to get off the bad. I told myself I have to go to work otherwise my tasks will start piling up. I had to drive around to suppliers picking up spare parts after lunch, so happy that I managed to stop over at a car wrecker and got this fuel flap I been searching for two years (at reasonable price of course).

When I finished work, ended up at my dentist chair having my mouth opened for 50 minutes non stop it really gave me a sore jaw. Brrrrr.... My phone vibrates, oh it's Ben, asking me for gym, and I thought of giving it a go. I installed the fuel flap after gym, so happy, garage is too dark dy to snap a pic, maybe tomolo... Time to bed, so tired.***


  1. thanks danny, getting there now XD
    did u get my email?



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