Wednesday, 14 November 2012

euro bable pt.7 [prague]

I never thought I would have time to continue this post. After several dramatic events in the past month with B, B2, I try to stay away from my own blog as it wasn't really nice things when I started over 12 months ago on top of that I have audit coming my way. No offence, I'm kinda hating auditor now. They dream for me and I have to make the dream come true, which is the real job part. Anyhoo, I'll do two post in one go.

12th leg : Prague

Arrving on day one. It was freaking hot. Here I thought summer is back and I'm happy to see the clear big blue sky. Until the second day, it was pouring rain since I opened my eyes in the morning until we left the city late night.

Despite the weather condition, I actually had one of the best moment of this holiday. That is when there's this old lady next to our table having lunch with her husband nearly drop her plate until Y catch it. Then the four of us started making conversation. Roughly, I think they both are in their 60's. She was amazed as to how many language Y can speak and even more suprised with mine. But I think this couple is even more amazing than their skin deep look. They have been spending their past 21 days tandem cycling together around Czech republic. Effectively cycling for 10 days and covers over than 500 km just the two of them. That's hell lot of determination to do so. Their story really inspired me more to explore the world.

old town square, the very reason I wanna see Prague

and the orloji, since I saw the pic on J's computer, I really wanna see it myself

I wonder where is this padlock tradition begins, need to look up on wiki

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