Sunday, 18 November 2012

31 and counting

It was during the singlet hunting when I received the birthday invitation. Hmm... a very old friend whom I haven't seen in ages, I just remember it is about time for his birthday. I could sense B2 peeked behind my shoulder what am I typing on my phone, agreeing to the invitation. "So, is that booty call?", he asked. "Nah, it's an old friend's and he's having birthday, I should attend since I haven't seen him in ages", I replied, tho he doesn't seem buying my excuse. Despite that, I didn't even try further to explain as I don't think there is a necessity to do so.

I was a bit bitchy on the day as Seb insist of things that doesn't make sense to me by asking me to make a few trips so he can go to the party with me. B2 think this is the first time he saw my bitchy side and it was a surprising revelation for him. After work, I eventually got the perfect birthday present without even thinking so hard and drove us to the party straightaway.

At the party it was an interesting mix of people. And surprise surprise, a few guys I had slept with during my not-so-proud-days apparently come to the same party. And the birthday boy give me the curious look as how did these boys know me. I send him a wink as a clue just like two years ago when I ended up sitting on the same table with three other boys I had slept with. But this is not the highlight of my night. One of the guest was a 54 years old man. He's Singaporean Chinese, I was sitting on the corner of the dining table with him after dinner, listening to his wisdom. About his thirty one years relationship with an ozzie. "Whoa, that's a really long time...!!!", to my surprise. "Well, you were not born yet at that time probably", he said.

I kept listening to his stories together with one of the guest. "So do you have a boyfriend?", he asked curiously. "Nah", I replied shortly. "why not? you're still young, if you meet someone who is really nice and can take care of you and you like him too, don't let him go", he said and continuing his story again. That number, 31 years and still counting, I'm sure they have up and down in their relationship, but clearly they overcome with it. they started from LDR and now things working out just fine. Happily ever after 31 years and counting, maybe one day I will too. And I hope that's not a false hope for me.***

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  1. hey, 2 points to share (1) it is not the quantity but the quality that counts. and (2) it is most important to have loved and not nec to be in love for a long time...



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