Wednesday, 30 January 2013


minutes before landing in denpasar
I am nomad once more. Well, by the time I wrote this log, I have had eights connecting flights already. This is the second overseas backpacking I made in less than 3.5 months. Too much? Maybe for some. I have to scrap the plan to go rio carnival with CJ. I waited too long that I couldn't get accommodation during the festival. Ah well, on the bright side, I can visit mum instead. At this stage, I think I begin to have the dictionary that translate to whatever she says only means "son, I love you too" or "I'm just concern" or "I just want you to be happy". It's just the way we express it or perceived them in different way.
damn you coconut

I didn't really do much at home but helping to proof read my brother's thesis. He's lazy ass when it comes down to writing that reminds me we wrote our undergrad thesis together. I proof read his as well as my own. Glad that I can help at least. I don't wanna complain but just suck it up. It's life.

Apart from that, I helped my brother and mum to clean up graves. Just three of us. Started from dad's then all my grandparents. Dad's and Grandma's grave seems still fresh, the wood sign has gone eaten by termite but mom says we cannot put stone until a thousand days. Not sure why, it seems that I'm the only one who doesn't understand the tradition. Of all people, I should know since I travel really well.

old pics with mum
I tried to climb the shortest coconut tree because I want the water in it. Refreshing because for whatever reason the water is cooler than what we have in the house.

I left mum and give her a big hug before I flew. She seems to get used to with me not around then dad then my brother. One tough job I guess.***


  1. That was very nice of you to have decided to visit your mum. As you said, it must be tough to be alone. I didn't know that your brother was also not living with her.



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