Friday, 24 May 2013


It's interesting that by law everything has expiry date these days. Despite fact that honey is probably one of consumable [edible] item that has no expiry date, but they manufacturer is still required to put expiry date on it. Even adhesive strips first aid comes with expiration date now.

But wait, what am I talking about again? Oh right, I was about to correlate with relationship [partner/friendship] expiry date. I suppose my friendship with D has expired long time ago. The moment she finally got a new bf, she changed totally into different person. The fact that they both are really ignorant people is probably one of the things that drove me away from them and declare [to myself] that this is obsolete by now.

As much as I wanna keep things in status quo, ther're things that are beyond my control. Part of me wanted her to improve, part of me feeling sceptical about it, and another part of me [undeniably] feel glad that she got evicted from this country. Things happened for a reason, and I need some changes in life, and it has to be a good one. Things started changing at a faster pace than I thought. I will be moving with Al in a month time and then move again around Christmas [hopefully].

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