Monday, 27 May 2013

lost in time

One of those random conversation with a work colleague when he said, "Rick's American restoration is getting interesting now." "Oh Shit, I must have missed it last night, that show is only on Monday night", I commented. He frown "errr... today is Monday". Damn, it's one of those moment when I actually lost count on dates and forgot what day is today. I guess that's what would happen if I were too busy that even weekend felt like Monday already.

The good thing is, fact that I lost time means I have been having productive times. Hence, I forget all the sad things in life that even Mom complained fact that I haven't called her in a while. Or other friends that I haven't managed in contact with, or catch up with. I even forgot that I was supposed to meet people for dinner. No new boys, well I think every guys who tried to get to know me has fallen into my friend-zone instead.

So, today is Monday, can Friday be here now please... :D I really need extra day between Saturday and Sunday. And I still look forward to Rick's show. One day I am gonna pull out that old tractor from the 60's in B2's dad shed and fix it, polish it, make it a shiny classic machinery back to life. If that opportunity ever come.***

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