Wednesday, 22 May 2013

what meal to get me the most like?

I was not so sure why did I always find it irritating when a friend stopping me from digging my own food in a restaurant for the sake of them taking picture of my food. They have their own, and I have no problem they take a picture of their own food and posting it on social media. But bitch please, don't stop me from eating.

I can fully understand if you're a chef, taking pictures of your own creation and post it share it and be proud of it. I wish I have your skills chefs, no, really, I'd love to be able to cook better.

But after reading this article. I kinda understand why I got so irritated now. Food has become the important thing and they placed the people whom they share the moment become very UNIMPORTANT. It seems for those who excessively taking pictures of their food and post it on social media, are obsessed about their food. Had food has genital organ, these people would probably had sex with their food.

I know it is up to them, and none of my business. But seriously, don't disturb my dining moment. Go away and get your own. ***


  1. yayyyyy u finally back to ur normal gear in blogging while im putting mine in reverse =P LOL


    *snap snap snap pic*..

    "owhkay, can eat now"

  3. :O! Well, i know it is annoying :P! But when it comes to really pretty looking food, heck cares, picture comes first :P!

  4. It's mine mine mine, my precious food... :p



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