Thursday, 30 August 2012

I run like a girl

Busy day at work, I went to swim with B straightaway. Managed to do around 30 laps and as usual B did it 50 laps. He's done things 50% more than what I do. I'm tiny compare to him [excuses]. Right after swim I took shower and thought of watching xfactor when JL called. He's asking me to go squash as his opponent never turned up.

But, wait, I don't even know how and I never tried this sport before. JL offered me to teach me how to play squash. He made me run around the court like a girl. But well at least after that 1.5 hrs training I know how to do two kind of serves, hit the ball, and do back hand. My eye to hand coordination has always been so lousy to begin with. I need more practice for sure. I find it a fun sport to do, I should but racket next time after my holiday. So tired and my butt sore from doing sprint stop run. Time to sleep.***


  1. Squash is damn fun!! Just hit the wall again and again. haha

  2. Looks kinda deadly to me... I mean squash... that black bouncy ball, travelling at high speed...

  3. Me, interpreted the last 5 lines oh so wrongly.


  4. i always prefer badminton ... though i did play tennis once in a while in uni...



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