Wednesday, 1 August 2012

from hotham to falls creek

boarder on the run
Despite thick fog along the way, I sped up thru it. It may sound dangerous, but I di my judgement based on other vehicles around. Arriving on the peak an hour earlier than scheduled we have the luxury of having breakfast. Driving with chain on front tyres is not nice at all. This practically made JL's car become a very expensive vibrator and I'm riding on it.

The fine weather didn't last long tho. After an hour doing a few laps of warm up runs, thick cloud came down from the summit. Snow start falling and cut our visibility from kms into 10 meters. I barely able to see humps, sign posts, nor other snowboarders/ski-ers. The slopes become so dangerous that we made the call to do intermediate slopes. We also end the day by 3pm. Two hours earlier than usual.

Second day was so much better, after snowing overnight, the slopes are easier to ride. I even managed to do some black trails. Whilst waiting for other mates to board down, I managed to take the most pictures here on second day.

Third day we decided to move to Falls Creek. As of this year, both alpines shares the same lift pass tickets so we can just move around different. Weather say decided different fate tho. Gushed wind has scraped all the powdery snows leaving icy surfaces and icicles start to fall on my heads. Even easy slopes became so dangerous that I fall several times. Thanks to my helmet I did not sustain major injuries as I fell hard on ice block. Surviving on black trails I drag JL to some easier slopes. As the wind subsided, slopes become easier to handle.

One thing that really different with this trip is, I can check out on guys infront of JL without worrying about what he thinks anymore. Since someone outed me to him few months ago, things became so easy. And I managed to chat with some cute guys up there in the mountain. blush blush...; and here're some photos.

PS: I just agreed to go to NSW for snow this coming Friday because it'll be half the cost of I usually spend for each trip.***

this is how much snow you can gather within just overnight [oops the windscreen wiper]

welcome to hotham

am I in Hotham? but Gotham sounds better

sliding over the road is kinda cool too

some easy slopes
and we're trying to get to the other side

feel like a bitch, wanting to throw this at JL

I'm snowboarding with these two guys on the right

isn't it just breath taking up here

and here too


  1. SNOW SNOW!!!!!me like it but just for few hours before the cold kicks nice ar

    1. then hide near the heater when the cold kicks in

  2. oh my oh my oh my!!! SNOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!! me loving snow! only get to see snow twice for as long as i'm in aussie ..damn sad right?

    1. No la,

      Go to Europe, Japan/Korea, Canada, or Alaska, it's far cheaper to snowboard there. AU is just the most costly snow chair lift in the world

  3. it's really really nice scenery there..
    where are the pics of u in action ? :)

    1. haha, that's gonna be hard to take, because my mate forgot to bring my helmet camera along, zzzz

  4. DMAN NICE!!!!! the pics i wanna ski again!!!!

  5. You had a great time there and had a very good experience at falls creek

    1. I love both resorts but I guess falls creek is better for snowboarder like me



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