Tuesday, 28 August 2012

how to come out

One of those nights when I had a skype chat with Y, she suddenly sent me this link of coming out YouTube video of Dan Savage. His reasoning on how to come out to parents completely sound to me. It may work for many/most of us, unless if you have parents like his bf's. Who can brutally abuse you for being gay. Then again, you [yourself] is the one who knows how well your parents will react to the fact that you're gay.

Seb's mum was alright instantly although part of her is in denial. Boy 4's mum needs three years to accept him. I never think my dad [if he were still alive] would accept me, chances he will physically abuse me is quiet high despite the fact that I am independent. So, I guess every parents react differently.***


  1. Yeah...i think as the world change maybe they will be more acceptive already as they are exposed to these matters. Sometimes i think if i come out now my mom wont react as i have imagined ten years ago.

    1. we'll see when we hear more of other's coming out story I guess



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