Monday, 26 March 2012

bad hair day

More like not so good day. I dislike when people making a business appointment and late by 30 minutes. "Hello... no you're not late, 30 minutes is totally different time slot". So here's the lists:

1. Building managements and their contractors wanting to see me for checking the leak caused by the storm. TO save my time and talking, I made them to come all at once so they can also talk to each other. but everyone just did not turn up at the same time [30 minutes differents] and wasting my 2.5 hrs as well as repeat myself to every contractors.

2. Appointment with my hairdresser, so desperate need haircut. The hair dresser I want isn't in and the place is so full the bitch told me to come back in the avro. I decided to try the hair dresser half block away. I really shouldnt have done that because I ended up having a bad hair cut. The bitch cutting my hair like a tree in the back yard and my hair fall all over my face and the magazine I am reading. To make it worse, she doesnt even know how to wax hair. I told the story to Ben apparently he had even worse situation where the hairdresser gave him wax and told him to do it himself. LOL

3. I went to Nick scali to check on their dining table as well as asking the chance to change my lounge color as I suddenly want it in white. But the bad news is it will take them another two months to deliver so I think I'll just live with the retro color.

4. After seeing nice furniture shops, I went to ikea to check on their dining set I saw on the catalog. WHen we got there, errr... this is not as nice as the pictures to a point where we were too scared to sit on the chair as it is very flimsy as if it's gonna break if we sit too fast.

5. Ben's cleaner rang, she suddenly decided to come when we were still shopping around. sigh, so bodoh nya, she change time from 1.30 to 4.30 pm but suddenly change time again earlier tho her excuse is "sorry, I will be late". Helloo... from 1.30 to 4.30 is not late, it's totally different time slot.

Haish, feel like ranting today instead of posting something quirky.***


  1. i sos totally hate late ppl.. so the wasting my time ;p

    hope u feel better after blogging about it
    cheers :)

    1. yah loh, I tot I could save my breath and let them discuss on their own, I ended up repeating myself for 4 times

  2. i always hate it when the hairdresser gave me a bad hair cut. few months back, the hairdresser that i always had decided to change his job. need to start hunting for a good hairdresser..

    1. sigh, it's so hard just to find the right hairdresser who knows what to do with your hair

      it's like finding a needle in the gaystack



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