Friday, 9 March 2012

judging by the cover

Ben: "I made new friend on facebook today"
Me: "eh, how?"
Ben: "there's this white guy searched my full name on facebook and he got so many result so he added me as well"
Me: "is he gay?"
Ben: "I think so, his excuse was trying to find his friend on facebook who happened to have the same full name as me"
Me: "show me his picture lo"
Ben: [tap tap tap on his phone and showed me a pic]
Me: "emmm... he's 100% bottom"[I then turn my head back to TV]
Ben: "How do you know?"
Me: "I just know, I can tell from quick look on his face profile picture"


Ben: [more tap tap tap then hand me his phone]
Me: "power bottom" [hand him back the phone]
Ben: [more tap tap tap]"you're right, he is bottom"
Me: "huh? did u actually ask him?"
Ben: "Nah, I sent him a facebook message say, my mate thinks you're a bottom"
Me: "WTH...!?!?!?" @.@

I dunno how did my guess was right, but mostly my guess was right. We used to play this game with Seb when we guess is the guy gay or not, top or bottom, and what is his size. So mean lah, we both. But it was just a game.

PS: I got a call to meet the City Mayor today at the town hall and he gave me a tree in the pot on my way home. Cross finger this time it will live as I am no good with trees. Even a cactus given from my good friend died on me.

My study desk


  1. err.. why the mayor give u potted plant huh?
    i'm same as u .. i KILL everything.. potted plants, godlfish, anything with ;p

    1. he just tell me to pick one from the bench on my way out, and tell me to take care of it

  2. it doesnt look like need too much good luck in prolonging its life..hahaha

    quite nice view u got from ur apartment ^^

    1. yah lo, I love when the sunset color burn the sky

      eh, really meh? no need much watering? I pick it randomly it says oval-leave mint bush on the label

    2. not much care mean just regular watering and fertilizer once a's not a cactus where u can leave it for weeks..haha

  3. youre such a slut!!! my face leh? tells you im bottom arr? lolllllll... got such thing one meh?

    all my ex-es all bottoms but i converted them into tops so how? what can you say about that leh?!!

    lollllllllllllll lololol! hahahahahahaha... siao la me! gosh......

    1. hahahaha... ur funny ah... of course got such thing. Tho I dunno how it works because Seb can guess dick size from their face.

      your ex-es are vers, LOL, not 100% btm.

  4. Still only a guess! I've seen some shockingly aggressive bottoms! And of course the reverse.

  5. given the potted plant sebesar-besar alam, all i cann see is the pikachu figurine =.=

    p.s. but that is one nice looking plant! me thinks my moo moo needs a potted plant as a friend too..

    1. my pikachu is so tiny on the edge of the picture and that's all you see...? hahahaha



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