Tuesday, 20 March 2012

the more I talk the bigger my mouth

The other languages I speak are include Indonesian and Japanese. My Japanese is not so fluent but it is enough for verbal survival skills. When I decided to take the French lessons, I thought "I will need a bigger mouth now, or maybe brain power".

It has been four sessions (two weeks) of French class. I am glad that I am taking the course in this place. Unlike the other place where initially i was about to enroll, the people here are quiet pleasant. My teacher is really helpful. She came from north French. Really pretty, I would ask her to date me if I were straight. Being superficial, the rest of the class are not attractive because mainly females. The male students are all daddies, no good for the eyes, but I learnt life experience by having a chat or two with them. I respect for their knowledge in life.

Something that feels a bit wrong is that there is this sizzling hot Brazilian girl in the class. She always pick a seat next to me despite numerous empty seats available. There's a moment where I rest my left hand on my book and use my right hand to write, she suddenly grab my left hand with her cold palm so she could see what I wrote. "so where r u from again?" she asked. "I was born and raise in Indonesia", I replied. And tonite, it was raining, can't believe she's wearing short and come with long board on her shoulder like bart simpson but Brazilian girl version.

Apart from the fact that I've drawn the wrong crowd. The lessons so far so good. My aim is by 30th or 40th week I shall be able to speak and listen for the basic [by means non specific complicated topic i.e. engineering let alone social sciences] as well as composing simple paragraphs. Who knows I might have second blog in french by then. Cross finger.***


  1. yerrrrrrrrrrrr! then cannot read liao la!! nvm! make sure your french blog is a food blog! lolllllll

  2. Ive got basic french classes for like 3months+ and i still cant speak properly =(! sigh sigh sigh

  3. good luck with that..I can use u as some sort of lab rat to test what I learnt in developmental psychology =P hahahaha

    1. wth... how does that has anything to do with learning french

    2. it got something to do with learning language in late age..haha



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