Friday, 2 March 2012

raped by the weather

blob of oil
It has been hot days in the past few days then turn into humid days in the last three days. So late you [summer]....!!!, this is first day of autumn. The last three days has made me like living in a giant sauna [not gay sauna, I wish tho I never been in one]. My lab where I work is warm enough in winter, very unpleasant in summer, and this very high humidity floating in the air is just an additional swell on my melted skin. The only good thing about this steamy weather is that it made my skin naturally moisturised [made me look like a blob of oil], and everything else just so bad and getting to my nerve. All I want is just air conditioned room but my office AC wasn't rightly tuned.

I head back home get change to my singlet and crash on my bed with big open window. Ben suddenly turned up on my doorstep half an hour later [dunno how did he get there, he doesnt have my keys] and I let him in then crash back on bed, he didn't even bothered with his long sleeve shirt just crashed there next to me. We had a power nap then decided to go swimming down at the ground floor of his building. But, it's flocked with people so we went to the gym where the airconditioner is the strongest [keeping the sweaty people stay cool but hotties stays hottie]. "I'm gonna lift only half of whatever you lift, it's tiring even to breathe", I whined to Ben. An hour later, when we got out, hellooo... it's raining.

Right now, midnight, it's freakin storm, I live on roof top floor and the wind so strong as if it's gonna pry off my bedroom roof. Sigh, I have been raped by the weather multiple time; the heat, the steamy, the storm. Headache, trying to sleep now.

footnote: just another whining day, trying to get rid of the other stuffs from my mind


  1. sweaty tanned skin... sexaayyy...
    how i wish i can maintain my tan on my super fair skin :(
    m visiting australia in may.. maybe can meet huh? :)

    1. can lo,

      but no public holiday in may, so likely have to stick around sydney XD

    2. haha.. m going to sydney n gold coast :)

    3. yayy... XD go take superman ride in Gold Coast

  2. hahahaha..dont wont be long before it go away..keep whining, good for ur mind usually ^^ hehehehe

  3. Hoho!! Danny and malimo... ><

    Anyways, same here lo.. One day freaking hot and then suddenly its been raining for like 2 days straight. Today 14C pula.. -.-''

    1. hahaha...

      today drop to 20 at least
      and rain normally



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