Saturday, 10 March 2012

Julius Caesar

It has been raining everyday since third of march. I have been spending most of my free time at the gym, in the kitchen, or lazy in front of my TV watching DVD. The day after mardi grass I went thru my DVD shelf and pull out this Blue ray disc that I haven't touch in months. Rome, season one, that's the cover said. I recall AP hand this over to me months ago but I havent had time to watch it. I guess it's a good timing when I can't really go out.

I started watching this series during my free time and only managed to finish it last nite. Apart from a swinging penis on Mark Antony's lean body and more perky asses on screen, I like the way Julius Caesar mind games work. He has a very brilliant mind. The way that any other general will just punished their soldier for their mistakes. He can see what is down the road that is very sublte but absolutely right, not just what's in front of him. And never missed every single opportunity to get what he wants. He is very aware who shall be kept close and gain public support, and who shall be kept closer. How to drive Pompey Magnus and all political enemy out of Rome without a spill of blood and legally earn his throne by using the loop hole in the Roman law and made himself the law. Although at the end, he made one tiny mistake that lead Brutus stab him on the senate floor.

I am so looking forward to swap the discs with season two. I am sure Brutus and Gaius Octavian shall show their brilliant mind to [politically] rules Rome. Smart people are sexy, especially if they come with hot body like these Roman army and noble people. it's an added value.***


  1. in ur dream..most politician are jsut some fat, lazy-ass but mind u, not all of them like that..the good one is always good :)

    1. hahaha, that's only indon politician, 99% [number is exaggerated] are fat, fat-lazzy-ass, dumb too, like seriously dumb

  2. OMG! I so wanna watch 'ROME' and whenever I enter the DVD shop, I feel like buying it. Hahaha!!!

    I love historical dramas and I love reading about Julius Caesar, have the biography about him but haven't really got the time to really immerse myself fully into the history yet.

    So, how's the drama besides eye-candy? LOL...

    1. drama happens between the wives and nieces, it's so fierce.

      I'm looking forward to watch "revenge" the series too and comedy "2 broke girls"



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