Friday, 16 March 2012

drag boobs

"M, do you have 10 minutes?", Chloe asked. "Yeah sure, what is it?", I asked her back. She then drag me to her lab in the building across the walkway. "I have a major problem in my process as the gas mass balance is totally wrong". I checked on her diagram and going back and forth fixing all the mistakes she made while asking her what happened over the weekend.

I kinda lost Chloe during the party, she apparently went out with her best friend somewhere else. Too drunk she ended up in Kinselas bar [around Taylor Square] almost sun rise time.

Me: "So what happened in Kinselas that night?"
Chloe : "A drag queen suddenly sat next to me with exhausted expression suddenly put her hands in her boobs and pull out a pair of fake silicon boobs with nipple on it and put them on the bar table right in front of me"
Me : [raise one eye brow] "huh...? what is it you and gay people" [including me]
Chloe : "So I started a conversation out of my curiousity, besides I was drunk as well"


Chloe : "Excuse me, I always wonder what does it like"[stare at pair of boobs on the table]
Chloe : "do you mind if I touch it?"
Drag : "sure darling, you can try to squeeze it"
Chloe : "Aww… this is too rubbery, I like the way my real boobs feel better"
Drag : "Darl, can I try to feel your boobs"
Chloe : "sure babe"
Drag : "wah this is too watery for me darling, I dun think I can dance with those pairs on me"


Me : "WTF… you let drag queen squeeze your boobs"
Chloe : "I dunno what happen with me, must be the tequila, and besides, gay people are always attracted to me for some reason, like you"
Chloe : "And where were you?"
Me : "Oh I was stuck with this czech guy, something goin on there but I'll pass the details" :P
Chloe : "what an awesome weekend we had"
Me : "Yeh, single hotties and alcohol, awesome mixture"

-------------LOL, that was so random. I blame the alcohol. period.

Me : "Open your process Argon at 1 bar...!"
Chloe : [twist twist twist some valves]
Me : "adjust it to your flowrate"
Chloe : [twist twist] "yayyy... OMG you fixed it"
Me : "so much about boobs, dick, and alcohol the other night, my brain is still working huh?"




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