Friday, 22 June 2012

I have not changed

The other night some guy just told me the reason why he said that he wasn't looking for a relationship with me on the first time we met, it's because I have a bad personality. Say whaaaaat...? hmm, I didn't even tell him much about myself, the conversation was all about him and his hobby, how does that make me having a bad personality.

As the conversation move forward and became awkward, so I started asking him what makes him think that I have a bad personality. The answer I got was another accusation saying "self-pity...! that kind of attitude that I hate from you". Errr... when someone call me something I don't think I am not, I believe I deserve an explanation for the sake of: ONE, I can defend myself for above the accusation, and TWO, If the accusation was true, it'll be a positive input for me to change. Or maybe that's just what I think.

I may be a bitch, because you gave me a reason to bitch. I may be a rant-er, but I am not a complainer and yet I am a fighter. I may be negative, but only from time to time when I got bad news one after another. I may like looking back, but I also learnt something from it. I may be sarcastic, but I deliver the message. I may have changed, but no I've stop trying to please your ass.***


  1. i'm sure there will be someone out there who appreciate and cherish you.. the actual you :)
    cheers :))

    1. Feels like it has been long way, but I shouldn't give up I guess


  2. Perhaps that's just an excuse. Something which was the "truth" spoken from his mind at that moment.

    1. Excuses, I'm not sure what is the appropriate justification anymore



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