Friday, 1 June 2012

point culture - proximity

Note for you: this will be a boring  post without drama, but it'll be useful, I try not to be racist, but I'm just saying.

I don't know if anyone notice, but it seems Anglo-Saxon people have their personal-space-thing relative to the rest of European people (French, Spanish, Portuguese). The French has bises and bisous (double cheek kisses), the Croatian has the hug then cheek kisses, some other race might pull and hold your hands during conversation, but not for the Anglo-Saxon. Some handshake may be a bit weird let alone hug and kisses. This may be a good thing if you have a crush on a boy who happen to be an Anglo-Saxon (or grew up in their society). It is easier to notice if he likes you back, because he definitely will drop that personal-space and reduce his proximity towards you. This is how I noticed that B liked me at the first time (despite the fact we grow distant at the moment). From just talking to handshake to always hug before I leave to kiss on my cheek when no one notice. Another example is our French friend, he can talk with his face just about 30 cm infront of AB's face and I was laughing at them. AB had to raise his tea cup to create a barrier between their faces and pretend to drink till our French friend give back his personal-space. It seems a bit weird considering AB is Croatian, but probably because he grew up in Anglo-Saxon society (except at home).

Just my personal thing: I don't like when sitting in public transport at off peak period, and then someone hop on and sit next to me. C'mon, of all available seats why should you sit next to me? Or of all available car space on the floor, why should you park next to my car, I am trying to get the space cushion here b!tch.

The proximity rules not only happen with their gestures and body language. It span to pretty much anything in their daily life. That's include the way they queue in supermarket checkout, even down to the way they park their car on parallel parking. The Anglo-Saxon will give a wide gap, as you can see in most Australian street parking, but not the French, especially if you're a Parisien where parking spot is very valuable over there, they will do fifteen backward and forward to do parallel parking and do that "bumper to bumper touch" in the process so they can fit their car in. You may sometimes see some argument between Parisien and other race for having that fifteen times bumper touch.

Other example is phone. In logic they may not be busy after exam and work is the only thing they worry about after exam. But guess what, they will not answer your phone now whilst during exam they have time to message you. That's because after sealing themselves in solitude during exam, lonely, hence have time to message you on every tiny break, but now they have time to catch up with friends. Unlike Asians (especially indo people with black berry, i despise your BBM) they have respect with their friend's time, they don't answer phone when hanging out with friends, they don't type on their BBM which resulting ignoring the person in front of them, that's a big no no for them. So if you're dating an Anglo-Saxon, they don't reply/answer your MSG/call, just be patient, they tend to send you short message. Still no reply after few days, get a replacement, X(

PS: French car should be made of bubble wrap on their bumpers***


  1. Boring my foot!! I found this really interesting to read.
    Nice to read a post and learn something..
    Yea.. I guess I should try getting rid of the phone habit.. :(

    1. ahahaha, you have the phone habit meh?
      later chew your phone then you'll have chewing habit

  2. It's a rarity for u to write a long post with lot of words...when u did, it will have something useful to some people =)

    yeah, fiddling with phone when got ppl around u to talk with is just plain rude...hence, i always silence my phone everytime i go out

    1. he did it for me! thanks sayang!!! :) youre the best!!! and the last paragraph macam talking bout me jer... ish... LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

    2. hahaha...

      @soul232: well now at least I know when I open my mouth and making sound it will be something useful, not just causing useless emission.

      @tuls: yah, last paragraph is for you and me lo.. we got caught in the similar case now

  3. that#s certainly very observant. but what abt the Asians? How does HE react when someone he likes secretly plant a kiss on the cheek. I think he should turn around & let it land on the mouth. ;)

    1. the Asian? are you referring on how I react? hmm I tried to turn around and let it land on my lips but failed, it land on my neck instead

  4. Informative! I liked reading this! (:



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