Tuesday, 19 June 2012


yeh, sound-boarding, it's not typo. I was just listening there and not giving opinion and I was all ears. I was just sound-boarding. Listening to AB's stories during my coffee break, I find it amusing. It just reminds me of myself in the old days when I first explore what is this gay world about. I wasn't fully all ears sometimes, I just gave him story of my experience as well.

The fact that AB eventually came out to me few weeks ago, it gives me another gay friend at work whom I can talk to over coffee break, away from the work subject itself. And more importantly, we can check out guys together without feeling awkward. So, tomorrow coffee break must be an hour later than today, as we saw this cute guy in grey shirt whom we guess is working in the analytical unit. The guess is based on the people he's having coffee with. Let's see if I can snap a picture of him next time. A replacement of the cute barista for my eyes I suppose, since I haven't seen him these days.

Coffee break ends, back to work***


  1. How did you smoke him out? I mean how you know that he is one of us?
    herm~ I kinda suspected a few from my company... herm...

    1. I knew it from the first day. But if he emphasise that he has a GF, maybe he's not ready yet. All you need is build a trust and make a hint once the trust is built. things will just fall naturally into places [I sound cunning now]



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