Monday, 27 February 2012

get loud silence

I have been trying to exercise for knowing when to shut up and when to say it [out loud]. Which actually starts working [I suppose]. When people come and ask for my opinion, my options is either say it as it is or don't say anything at all it really depends on who I am talking to. The other night Al asked me to meet him for dinner as he has lots of stuffs to tell after I went for 12 days holiday. Mostly about guys he's been dating [what a busy boy]. So I was like, "guys? that's plural you know, and 12 days is not that long, you slut, hahaha...". In his defence, he said guy(s) as in only three and he is only really into one particular one because he can see himself in him.

But anyhoo, whenever he asked me for my opinion, he answered the question himself before I managed to open my mouth. I thought, this is a good exercise for me to shut up. So I did shut up, not saying a word, and gave him the "bitch stare". But Al would say "Don't judge me...!!!". "I didn't even open my mouth", I said. "You don't need to, I know you judge me already".

Hahaha, I guess I brought the game into whole different level now, knowing to shut up, knowing to say out loud, and knowing how to make a statement without a word. Not saying a thing means a lot of thing. ***


  1. the same monkey as ur nosy auntie post one =P

    ppl cant blame us for anything we dont most of time, i just shut up ^^

    1. hahaha, yah too lazy

      shutting up then *bitch stare*

  2. It's pretty easy to read a bitch face u know xD

    1. every *bitch stare* has different meaning like

      bitch, please...!!!
      really...?? bitch
      as if...!!!

      etc... lol

  3. you say it best when you say nothing at all



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