Wednesday, 8 February 2012

keeping your parents happy

Things to do to keep your parents happy *) (see fine printing below) is basically one thing, to follow whatever they tells you to do **). But in details will be [more less]
  1. You should do the manners as they taught you (polite, please and thank you habit for example)
  2. When you were little, you must eat whatever they put on your plate and never toy with your food
  3. When you study, you must study hard, no play play outside, too distractive for your study. No marble games, no eraser flag wrestling [someone's mum made him to give back all of the erasers (you know who) just like my mum gave away my half bucket marbles]
  4. At school you must be the best in class, [someone got scolded for 0.3/100 score drop] [raise your hands if you don't get scolded when your mark slightly drop]
  5. After graduation you must get the best job, either make lots and lots of money or to have a PhD degree {this part is sebastien's mum idea of success}
  6. Then you must find a nice GF to intro to your parents (if you're a boy). If you're a girl, intro your nice BF la. And if they don't approve the GF/BF, bring the next one and so on ***).
  7. Then get married and produce high quality babies {they dun care, must be a good quality one, no question ask}***)
*)Terms and conditions apply
**). if your parents are Asian
***). doable for straight Asians
The following story will be around point 6 and 7. So today, mum asked me to take her for medical check up. It is rather peculiar the fact that it is my fourth day here and she hasn't brought up the "getting married topic". I drop her at the doctors and she said, "you should wait here, don't go anywhere".... half an hour later ...

Mum: "Doctor, this is my son, M"
Me  : "Nice meeting you doc"
Mum: left me with the doctor as she collect her medicine
Doc : "your mum has higher blood pressure today, I talked to her and it seems it has something to do with you being single"
Me  : [pretend smile, how the heck is that has anything to do with me...being single...]
Doc : "you should find a nice indo GF and get married so she can talk to your mum in the kitchen whenever you [both me and future GF] come home"
Me  : [pretend smile ..., I can't do much with bitching, see the list number 1 up there, and the case is totally different with me vs bank]
Doc : "So if you get nice indo GF and get married, your mum will be healthier"
Me  : [the third batch of pretend smile, WTF...!?!?!?!? how can I get a wife will drop mum's hypertension? seriously...!?!?!? I tot that's the whole point of the medicine and the right diet/exercise]
Me  : "well doctor, finding a GF isn't like hoping on the bus you know, where there's number and destination and I can just waive and HOHO (hop on hop off)"
Doc : "Well, but still you've got to try"
Me  : "I'll see what I can do, nice meeting you doc"

Then we left, still not satisfy mum took me to my aunty house {oh puhleasee save me from this misery}

Aunt: "When r u gonna get married? my son is younger than you and he got married already"
Me: "Aunty, I tak laku nii... how?"
Aunt: "Hush, watch your language, and that is impossible, I can..."
Me: I cut before she finished her sentence "I don't want you to hook me up with one of your friend, they are too old for me... noooo...."

Then we left, just now, mum went in to my room and start talking, [I just stay quiet as the topic begins to touch about GF, seriously, again???]

Mum: "So when are you gonna get married?"
Me: [stare]
Mum: "do you have a GF?"
Me: "nope"
Mum: "How about your housemate? is she single"
Me: "my housemate is taken" [no she's not, WTF...!!! leave my housemate alone]
Mum: "you don't have to get rich before getting married you know, dad was poor when he marry me, and you are ready now"
Me: "but that's dad, not me, and there's a period where he left you to marry someone else, for whatever reason I don't know and certainly I don't wanna know"
Mum: "well.."
Me: [stare...] "can we stop"

Seriously... the doctor said if I get married mum's hypertension will drop? WTH... how...? what if [hypothetically I am straight] and my GF is bitchier than me, evidently mum doesn't get along with my sis in-law. WTH... Leave my housemate alone, there's code of ethic, don't date your housemates [hypothetically I am straight]. And I am not my dad. Can't they just leave me alone (even better)***


  1. wah that is abit ridiculous to ask the dr to convince the son to get married =.=
    unethical for the dr to do so!!!!!
    where got such thing as her BP will drop after you get a GF!! XD
    But still, they are the parents. That's the hardest point... ><

    T.T erasers LOL

    1. Ninja,
      eraser T.T
      marbles T.T
      hahahaha, feel so nostalgic

  2. i like this blog post alot... got unsur tuls kedalaman! :)

    1. err... what do you mean by kedalaman, but thanks for poping up the idea to write this post tho XD


  3. no wonder ur mum kept it quiet for while..she bombed u hard today with all possible methods she could think of >_< eventually, i hope she got bored and leave u alone, though i doubt it be anytime soon

    u manage quite a long post with just long it take to come up with this post??hahahha =P

    1. Oh, I draft it on TextEdit, then copy paste here lo, haha, so chances to loose during online editing is fairly slim

    2. btw malimo, found u..took me long enough to root u out in fb =P

    3. zzz... you must have been busy going thru someone's wall/newsfeed/activity ah?

      that's the only hole to get thru my facebook

    4. PS: I didn't know you can get the green turtle in sibu lo...

    5. sort of...hahaha...was thinking to send u msg but later u knew end up post it here =P

      in sibu??hurm, im not sure they got sale this turtle at sibu lo ^^

  4. how can she actually managed to ask her doc to tell you to get married har?

    1. I am not sure how, but she pulled it off, no wonder I been chasing her to go to doctor early in morning but she kept delaying it till last minute (when no queue at all)

  5. my mum burnt my whole set of dragon balls comic.

    1. Nooooo.... Not goku... dun burn goku

      I used to have ninja rantaro comic collection but mum gave them away as I was considered too old to read comic book (which i still read now but online)

    2. brainy, is your mum jealous you got comic and she doesnt? or it would lower her BP if she burn them? :)

  6. Replies
    1. nothing to say lo, I'm speechless myself, hahaha

  7. Replies
    1. hi ooi2009, I dun think your question is relevant tho, I'd prefer to answer it in private if you must ask :D

  8. Typical ibu ibu, try to emotionally blackmail you, ..



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