Monday, 13 February 2012

the three nosy aunties

Continuing the post "keeping your parents happy". I made a scene the day before I leave jogja, I'm annoyed enough with this steamy weather, melting, I swim in my own sweat, this time my brother annoys me with lots of questions.

Bro:"soooo, have you got a GF yet?"
Me: [stare...]
Bro:"c'mon tell me"
Me: [stare...]
Bro:"I wonder what is she look like, just show me her pic"
Me:"I'm only gonna tell you this, I'm not gonna get married"
Bro:"whaaaaaaat? Why?"
Me: [the silent act]
Bro:"did a girl broke your heart?"
"did she cheated on you?"
"did she..."
On and on and on with questions but I act silent
"well, let me know when u ready"

Sigh, finally, he shut his mouth, But an hour later I got more from the three aunties [why aunties are so KPo]

Aunty 1: "so have u got a GF?"
Aunty 2: "If you haven't make sure she's Indo"
Aunty 3: "never get a GF that is not Indo, look at Mr.A [her neighbor]" then the example of his failure marriage
Me : "And the three of you preached me about religion, tsk tsk tsk, aunties, I am so disappointed of you, how could you say those things, isn't your religion teach you that all human being are the same despite their look, race, sex, even age, let alone being indo or not indo"

The three of them speechless, hah... finally I managed to shut them up.


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHHA....that one great whack they got..that gonna keep their mouth for a long, long time xD

    make me wonder, did u speak english at home or indo?i tried imagined u saying these things in indo and laughed my ass off..hahaha =P

    1. I speak Indo lo
      Yeh try imagine me speak Indo and mix with Jawa and some English in it. But at least it made them speechless, eat their own words LOL

    2. hahaha..that the advantage of multi-lingual =P since when ur blog got mobile version..that version look so terrible..huhu

  2. great fact :)
    kesian those aunties... have to keep their mouth shut .. hope that they still can breath well..hhahaah ;p

    1. LOL, but I guess I can't really shut mulut celumpar lo or mulut besar, hahahaha... j/k

      but this will do for now >,<


  3. many say that they forgo race religion etc ...but deep down will choose their same race ...i have asked many frens and relatives from my race (others im not sure), and all are so anti other races/.They may say out loud , but they may not mean it

    1. it's called hypocrite I guess,

      but for me personally it's about preference. You can choose the flavour of your cupcake, why can't you choose the flavour of other race

    2. I dont get what u mean , "flavor of other race??"

    3. it's to experience the difference cultural background. It also helps to put you from different perspective tho.

    4. so , u mean u need to like the other different culture , than only u can love him /.?

      anyway , i notice many pple love a person based on skin color these days ...the whiter they are the more they like ....

    5. Haha
      Not entirely true, that's just general population in south and south east Asia (not sure about easy Asia)

      But Some Caucasians and eastern European may like Latinos and tanned Asian instead. It's personal preference which leads to natural selections.



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