Thursday, 16 February 2012

got caught for borrowing ID

On day two, I re-master riding this bike that I can ride this motorbike while standing and hands off (of course I clutch with half gear). [being show off]. However, after a few days riding motorbike without license and managed to blend in among the convoi, my days without getting screened by police has come to an end. When i ride on this one way road, I saw the big group of police direct the bikers to the side of the road and ask everyone to produce the bike paperwork and the riding license. sigh... nooo... I'm dooom. [or maybe not]

when it comes to my turn I gave only the bike papers. Then the police return it and ask for the license, I gave him my Australian drivers license. The police a bit confused with the color of the license and then he gave it back to me and tell me to go. hahaha... I don't get caught... so I leave lah...

Initially I had a thought of using my brother's license but that'd be stupid if they ask me to take off my helmet and the picture doesn't match.

Speaking of borrowing ID [drifting the story] I recalled one day I went for clubbing with these two girls C and L. L forgot her ID so C kinda tot, "I'll use my passport and you'll use my drivers license, we both asians the guard won't be able to distinguish us anyway". So to speak, apparently it didn't work. It's not that the guard managed to match the picture on the ID, but the guard asked L "so tell me what's your birthday?".... errr.... doom, we couldn't get in. ***


  1. i forgot top tell u , my bf has the same color contrast as u . in the last pic , almost similiar colour /..

    he is indian btw

    1. im talking abt the pic with ur last post . the one where u perasaan with ur hands .

      fyi , im not kidding , my arms are like that too

      and in the last post u asked abt bulu ...what bulu u want to know abt me ?i got chest , legs , and d_ck ? which one u wanna see ?

    2. Hahaha,

      your bf? not your hubby meh? tuls?

      I dun wan bulu le, I'll send my bf [not that I have one] for brazillian wax if I have to, wkwkwkwkwk

    3. plse lah , why do pple (some) see bulu as a horrid thing ? im not saying a lot , but a guys has to have some hair , if not its so girly(unless ur into that kinda guys )....slight chest hair is always macho . and i love leg hair , yum..

      p/s :tuls is my fantasy hubby , my real life bf is indian lor



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