Thursday, 2 February 2012

She's Italian

breakfast with rainbow
Continuing the banging on my window saga, hahaha... That evening I told TC and AP the whole story about the indian girl jumping in to my balcony side and banging my glass wall. Sigh, they're both laughing out loud.

AP: "How can I not hear the intercom?"
M: "You slept like pig that's how, even I tried to wake you up for your class and you still didn't budge"
TC: "Oh so that was the intercom about"
M: "What? you heard it?"
TC: "Yah, but I just had late night shift as well, oh and I plug my ears with earplug when I heard the intercom, hoping one of you guys answer it"
M: [stare...]
AP+TC: Hahahaha...

Yeh evil housemates... the next morning we had breakfast at the balcony as I saw double rainbow over the sky and drag TC out as well. AP, meh he's still snores... Then on the way out to uni, there's girl from unit 3 greet us in the elevator and thank me for helping her jump over to her balcony. While waiting for the bus.

TC: "I been holding this tho, but I wanna laugh"
M: "I know right, I must have been blind"
TC: "HAHAHAHAHA... yah, she's not Indian, she's Italian"
M: "I must have something in my eyes then so I saw something else instead"
TC: "Wah next time yah, if some gilr banging on your window, go toilet and wash your face first la, let those stuffs that stuck on your eyes go away"
TC: "Eh but that's a good thing right, you get to know a girl already, and you'll never know" :p
M: "zzz...."

note TC doesn't know about me being gay, she's very religious so I was thinking to avoid it. so she assume it was a gift...


  1. aiya, just a normal ending..thought she suddenly like u or what..hahahaha :P

  2. tarzan and jane playing!! what a jungle!! :)

  3. a gift from God!

    p.s. i wonder what would happen if she wears the t-shirt from jays jays that says gift from god one...

  4. @soul232: no la, I am not that attractive for girls

    @tuls: mana ada tarzan?

    @are-5th: even if her shirt is jayjays "gift from god" still wont make me straight, I might think, "OMGosh, God send me a maid for free....!"

  5. LMAO on the free maid! no need to pay minimum wages! :p



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