Saturday, 25 February 2012

updating my bucket list

I has been a while I haven't revisited my bucket list. It's about time to update. Since last update I have done the following:

12 obtain citizenship other than my birth citizenship

44 spend new year eve in an exotic place
This is when I went with Y to New Zealand and having this stupid fireworks display in the fog, we couldn't see the damn thing

45 go on holiday with my best friend
48 visit New Zealand in summer
New Zealand trip as well

50 send out postcard to love ones from places i go
I've been doing it so far

70 go to night club alone and make new friends
this is in bali, I went out alone, managed to make friends with a bartender, two waiters and do something more with twisted twins.



  1. You're an Australian now?
    Oh! Btw, I'm visiting Sydney for Mardi Gras soon.

    Wanna catch up?

    1. hehehe been since last year but havent sorted out my passport yet.

      sure sure, email me. I going to see the parade and [probably] bring my camera along but dun think I'll go to any of the party XD

  2. at least u hv a list to refer , and completed some..
    mayb i shld start a list as ;p

    1. hahaha, my list evolve tho, there's some i wanna do more than the current list so i change it

      gonna build list of cities/places i wanna see

  3. Replies
    1. well, it depends, I havent seen you yet :p



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