Sunday, 19 February 2012

a night with twisted twins

There is a particular reason why I choose to stay in Seminyak/Legian areas instead of going all the way up in Ubud/Kintamani or down in Jimbaran, Uluwatu, and Nusa Dua or east in Sanur. So if you wanna near beaches with crowd and night clubs and hotties, stay in Seminyak and visit petitenget, double six, and legian beach, they are full of surfer hotties [droll....]. I personally do not like Kuta beach, simply because it is over crowded.

When the night falls, I decided to "experience" what the gay scene of this island has to offer. All gay night clubs are aligned along Jalan Caplak Tanduk in Seminyak area. It's very near to the beach. Do not come before 11pm, still too quiet, tho these gays are always dance even during the day [yap during the day Bali Joe is open]. Ensure yourself to be the inverse of cinderella. Cinderella go home before the party started [before midnight], if you are a party go-er, make sure to arrive after Cinderella gone home okay, don't worry about your ride turned into a pumpkin and mouse, because taxi drivers are always outside the club when you need to go home. Or you may choose the way I did, ride your motorbike [just make sure you are not waay too tipsy when you ride back]

They don't have many night clubs like western cities with big roads and gay culture and shit. But what I like about these clubs is that you still gotta see those gogo dancers and drag shows [yes, they are just as good as midnight shift second floor on Oxford St. Sydney] and yet no dress code. Yap, no dress code, no need to worry what kind of shoes you shall wear, even thongs is allowed (just do it at your own risk if someone step on your feet as they are unprotected). If you are too timid like me and lazy to go order drinks in the bar, you can just waive to the waiter and order your drink. Don't worry, even if you walk around the dance floor, your waiter will manage to find you and deliver your drinks. Evidently they did manage to find me after being picked up by the twins. Like every other places, old pervert angmoh are always around, so be nice. Just say no nicely if you are not interested and [being asian] stay cute when you say no... XD ... they won't bite.

From five bars along the street, I choose to enter Bali Joe. This is actually my first time I went out for clubbing, alone, in a strange place, and yet I managed to make friends with the bartender and two waiters and a hot flawless twisted Finnish twins [something happened XD]. They're just as hot as bel ami porn stars :D. I need to update my 101 to do list and put some ticks on it.***

PS: I couldn't manage to take pic of the gogo dancers, too busy with the twins

for those who prefers straight places

Drag show session 2, they actually walking along the bar towards the other stage

the other stage


  1. so the next post be the juicy part???hahaha

  2. not sure if juicy story will be appropriate here


    later they force me to gulung tikar



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