Saturday, 26 May 2012

love without return policy

Love is something that one make and then given. You don't buy it. Once you've had it, it probably hard to get out and get over it. I am trying to figure out what went wrong this time. I didn't even want it to begin, I have been guarding my feeling, but apparently I failed. I fall but then he (stop) wouldn't catch me. I hit rock bottom once more. There's no stopping to it. I crashed. He shouldn't have given me the love where I tried to protect myself as hard. If only it comes with return policy, I would have returned it. Because I never wanted it, and I want to unsubscribe from it. How? If only I knew the answer.

This time, I thought I gave myself another chance, but I don't want label to it. Label isn't something that useful for me. All I want is the person, and I don't care what people will label us. I really wish this one would work out well, I thought I have found the click with him. But probably he hasn't found the click with me, or maybe the click that he thought was there somehow dissipates. hmm... I am not even sure what am I ranting anymore now. Lacking of focus, bed time maybe.

PS: to he who has stole my heart, please don't return it to me, it doesn't have return policy with it, and if you change your mind, there's no refund.***



  1. *pat pat*

    u will get over this somehow, just like u always able =)

  2. can be painful...& i don't mean whatever yr mind might be wondering off to...
    I once was so in love with a uni mate but he had a girlfriend/fiancee to be exact...& how could i not misinterpret when he asked me if i knew the song: "'s sad to be with someone else when the right one comes along" or something along that line (can't remember the exact lyrics)... i interpreted that he was telling me that he was falling in love with me....
    anyway, i wanted to say it took me YEARs & years to get over it. But some day u will too...

    1. awh... that remind me of my uni days when this guy keep coming to my place at 2 am in the morning knowing that I am still awake drafting my thesis. he only said, I am hungry, can you make me noodle, I dont want anyone else to make my noodle... sounds like a hint but then few months later he said, "I know you like me, but I am straight" errr... slap slap slap



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