Thursday, 17 May 2012

how blind is blind?

C: "M, are you interested for a blind date?"
M: "are you freaking serious?" [sceptical tone]
C: "I am serious"
M: "alright, how blind is blind? color blind, one eye patched blind, any other blind?"
C: "well, he works for travel agent, he's 40..."
M: "say what?"
C: "he's hot, trust me"
M: "hold that thought, I have to send you something to your phone"

"[ding ding...!!!]"

C: "STALKER.....!!!"
M: "yap, I just did that, crossed the main walkway, enter the renewable energy building, order coffee and ohlala take picture of the new barista, I am not skilful in taking person's pic without getting notice, so fuzzy"
C: "M, you shall not touch him"
M: "but he's so damn sexy, lean athletic, nice biceps, cute face, thin lips, spanish, hot barista, I can even see thru his shirts what's like behind it"
C: "so how about the blind date?"
M: "maybe I should intro myself to him, can you fedex me that hottie barista please? I don't care the taste of the coffee but he looks yummy"
C: "M, focus...!"
M: "err... can I think about it first tonite?"
C: "OK then, we'll talk about it tomorrow over lunch?"
M: "Kay, I have to go meeting with your boss, au revoir sweetie"
..... hung up the phone

Blind date? a 40 something years old guy for me? I am a bit sceptical with it. Well, I know she has very good taste. Even her previous bf is not my type, I have to admit he is super cute. I don't think she'll steer me to a wrong side of the road. But the age? errr... wouldn't that make him look paedophile? I might give it a try, a sugar daddy? OMG I sounds like below desperation threshold now. I need holiday, I got the over balance leave, but no budget.


  1. Hoho.. Picture first! Then only go.. But the barista.. YES!

    1. barista is triple yes, XD

      I thought so too, picture

  2. Oh... wonderful cup of coffee... does it comes in thick and strong?

    Balance leave but no budget ehh? Sugar daddy can help you out... hehehe or Leo Nut =P

    1. It looks like thick and strong, Always come in a large package for my orders

      yah need second job, or sugar daddy to give me an extra job to get extra cash, I can always use the extra cash for holidays

  3. If he's as hot as yr friend promised, let me test him out for u, OK? My report to u will be either:

    (if he's good) Let it be, he's too old for u.


    (if he's so so) You know, you shouldn't discriminate due to age. After all, experience & maturity do count....


    1. hahaha, I'm not discriminating the age, but I'm sceptical with the whole blind date thing

  4. hahahahaa...u and ur guy...everyday sure got new guy u drooling on...think u can make a photo album already for all those guys that every caught ur eye =P

    1. should start taking pictures like tuls, then make a photo album out of it

  5. Replies
    1. it's not the age, but the concept of blind date that makes me sceptic



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