Thursday, 31 May 2012

my coffee name

Early morning, I ran to my building in the rain. Gah of all day why must b today I forgot my umbrella. "ding ding" AB message me for coffee, "keen for coffee M? I haven't seen you since last week". Hmm, I kinda need coffee anyway, and wonder what's his story after last weekend after that guy trying to chase him. And it's not long ago that he came out to me. "sure, tho I'd rather to have the barista than the coffee, I'll be a minute, still running to my office, and bring your umbrella, it's pouring rain" I replied whilst I made stop on one of building canopy. "ok, I'll see you in your office then".

At the coffee shop
M: "one cappuccino in take away cup please"
R: "that'd be $3.40, and your name please" (the register key in to his machine)
M: "******"
R: "excuse me?"
M: "******"
R: "nevermind, I'll call you Zach"
M: "yah, why not"
AB: "did he just gave you a name?"
M: "I think I should have an English name"
AB: "but he can't just do that"
M: "I don't mind, I kinda like it, it'll be my coffee name till I convince that my name is Zach, it's just nowhere close to M"
AB: "ah well, if you like it"

Yay yay, at least I got one name to consider.***


  1. Hi Zach/Zachary ! Nice to meet you.


  2. Replies
    1. agree .. Zach is nice..
      n maybe i should try the same thing..
      go to the barista and tell him/her my chinese name ( quite hard to renounce if u r not chinese ).. see what name i'll get ;p

    2. So that barista is like an English name churning machine? Hahaha

  3. haha. well, atleast the barista was nice enough to give you a NICE name unlike here where they spell my name incorrectly even when I spell it out for them ><

    And I like Zach! Nice name!

  4. Zach is sexy but can also try:

    Tell u what, i'll give u my number & u can call me when the coffee is ready or when u have other needs....

  5. hahahaha...zach...seriously far-fetched from malimo but even malimo is not ur real name right XD hahaha

  6. That was quite random of the barista. But Zach is nice and sexy.

  7. Lol!!! If I, I will go wtf?? Lol, but yea, zach is a very hot name.. :P



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