Wednesday, 9 May 2012

my teeth journey

tooth picnic [source]
If only human have teeth like shark, continuously shed their teeth as new one grows behind it, then there will be no job for dentists [no offence for dentists]. I don't have sweet tooth, I don't even put sugar in my tea/coffee, I like creamy food but as long as they are half sugar. But I have tooth problem. My dental treatment journey finally come to an end today. It all began in December 2010 when I decided to start the treatment. J was there for me going thru some of those procedures but he has to leave at some point. It is something that should have been done when I was teenager, but mum could not afford paying dentist, so she sent me to a free dentist where dad's workplace covers pretty much basic dental treatment. Even so, I cannot see their dentist any more after I turned 18.

Things gotten worse as I aged, and then I decided to see the ortho-surgeon near where I live. My dentist, Michael, he took several X-Rays on my jaws. The verdict was what's the previous dentist had done was not right and he skipped a few important steps and I better get them treated now instead causing more trouble in decades to come. Michael and I sit together going thru my jaw images, and he explained what's wrong and how to deal with it. We then schedule a set of procedures in sequences and projecting how much will it cost me (before my private health insurance covers for worst case scenario). At least I had money for the rainy days since I work and save.

Seven gum surgeries, three canals on one tooth in 12 appointments. the canals had to wait as the surgeries are considered to be a more pressing issues and they will require substantial healing time. The first 6 months since the first surgery began, I had four gum and root surgeries. They didn't show any good healing progress that the rest of procedures had to wait. The following three procedures gradually done in one year stretch then the canal procedures finally started last month after long wait for the roots and gum to heals. And today, Finally the whole long daunting dental procedure journey come to an end. I will only see him on six monthly period for cleaning and check up. Hopefully these teeth will sit properly on my jaw and not running around even tilting upside down and be settle. Cross fingers...

Not that I wanna eat them, but this pokemon cupcake is too cute... LOL



  1. ok la i shall not complain about my uneven gigi la... buat my case macam takde camne je...

  2. Oo.. Why so serious one.. What procedures wor?..

  3. Ouch I feel so painful reading your post!

    I can't imagine you can be any hotter, now with a set of perfect teeth some more! ;)

  4. It wasn't to perfect my teeth. I had my wisdom teeth grew nearly upside down and squashed teeth in front of them until two of them broken leaving the roots buried under the gum. I had my nerve pinched and the pain kept coming on season changes. Painful. So the ortho surgeon start doing the surgery to fix the pinched nerves. Still I didn't do for perfecting uneven lower front teeth. It's just I had giant back teeth, hahahaha

    1. Yikes you are giving way too much details about it!
      P.S, I kept thinking why you were seeing a bone surgeon regarding your dental and gum problems (you know, when you mentioned ortho surgeon), then I realised you meant orthodontist!

    2. Oh yah
      That's what I meant
      But he does surgery tho

  5. Dude, congratulations on your dental journey coming to an end! I can only imagine the procedures (seven gum surgeries, three canals on one tooth) you went through. It was a long and tough ride, but surely the result will be worth it. Good luck! PS: I don’t think your teeth are yet ready to chew on those Pokémon cupcakes. :)

    Jamar Schaffer

  6. Like you, I’m not really a fan of sweets. I hope that’s enough to save you from dental problems, but some would just happen to be unfortunately born with crooked teeth. Was that your case too? At least, it’s over now. Gus @



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