Monday, 2 January 2012

even sex last longer than this

Day 12. 01.01.12. the fireworks

Katy Perry…! I hope this is not what you meant with fireworks in your song, hahahaha… and relationship is like a fireworks, I dun think this is one of them. Y shout, "Even sex is much better than this…!". OK so the problems are

1. the weather, we've ran out of luck after having a 9 beautiful sunny days, rainbows, birds chirps, brushed cloud and translucent water flow on the rivers to the lake now what we got is cyclone arriving from Australia with fog covering the tower

this is how the tower should look, grrr...
2. the size of the fireworks, it is waaaay too tiny and waaaay too short. Even the pre fireworks in darling harbour last year was three times longer and twice grander than this one. I can't say much about it just check out this video.

Regardless, I still enjoy it. It's something different compare to 8 past fireworks I had in Sydney, but what makes it memorable is a good companion with good conversation. As we split up, all I can say to Y was "I hope I will see you again in some random country in the future, I truly enjoy this holiday". Bye bye stranger...

Weather didn't change much since then, I checked out the hostel around 10.30 am and walk around the city. Thick cloud still hanging there tho the fog has gone. Occasionally I can still see the blue sky over the Auckland tower. The ride to the airport was smooth that I actually fell asleep on the bus. No random security check on me this time. oh and I think the immigration officer forgot to stamp my passport, zzz.... I hope it will not be a problem in the future. Ah well the next time I arrive here I will be on different passport anyway.

ticket to fly... yay..

my plane

start my first day of the year back in Sydney

Back in Sydney, I'm trying to use different skin cream to soothe my sunburn, it's painful... :(


  1. ZOMG! You haz a fisheye lens?!

    Hope your sunburn gets better soon (:

  2. :D
    yah sunburn is annoying, my neck turned well done steak, LOL

  3. Looking at the passport, you're an Indonesian, aren't you?

    1. Ow, have you got PR or something? Isn't it still better to have dual citizens?



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