Tuesday, 3 January 2012

day 1. where the heck is my bus (Christchurch)

Since I went to New Zealand, I only made some short remarks on my trip here on this blogsphere. Now that I'm back home I shall have sufficient time and I will try to blog every single day of the trip and give the title for each day. So here's the story.

Day 1. 21.12.2011

I started my day woke up late as I mistakenly setup am for pm on my alarm. I ran around the bedroom and living room for last bits of packing then check for bus time table. "Oh crap, I'll miss the flight if I catch the 400 bus...!!!", I thought. Then I called the cab instead and dash to the airport. Checking in was long on Air New Zealand as all flight to New Zealand was cramped into one checkin zone. Passing through the border was smooth and with this stamp I went off to the gate, tho this random security guy always pick me for body search, grrr… And I got a bad seat, trapped in between two passengers, lucky they are nice kiwi(s) tho. I talked with the aunty and uncle next to me, not to extend of awkward conversation but the aunty showed me the book she's reading, I can't remember what it was about.

entering New Zealand border, bah, I can stay forever here... LOL

Landed in Christchurch, the border and custom was a lot more efficient than that in Sydney. I was out of the airport within 10 minutes since I walked out of the plane. I recalled that Y said that I shall take bus 10. "oh crap, where the heck is my bus stop…?" being so unfamiliar in new country, buses [and their bus stop map/time table] in Christchurch is strangely complicated for me, but I eventually figured this out [@ the airport at least]. After getting on the bus i get off in the city and walk for another 1.3 km to get to my accomodation, canterbury house backpackers.

my dorm isn't crampy as I thought it would be

The host, keiko [ケイコ], is a japanese girl, I thought, "why the heck my host is japanese?" but anyhoo, I got this 3 bed mixed dorm and stayed with another two girls, slovenian and slovakian. I think their name was Mariette and Julia. I am bad in remembering names, you can see in coming posts, how bad am I remembering name.

Wandering around Christchurch, I felt sad and a little disappointed after witnessing it myself that half of the city is barricaded with fences and about to be demolished due to major earthquake last february that shook this city. But I managed taking some shots anyway. I am willing to go the extra miles to get shots, even if that means crossing these fences.

sad view of christchurch, demolition of post earthquake is everywhere
art gallery, getting ready to be demolished
the angel was once part of christchurch historical church, sadly hung on the crane
here, once stood up a historical building
bridge of remembrance is also fenced tho I did climb up but couldn't manage a good shot

Despite the damage scale this town had suffered from, the botanical garden gives a calm vibe. With vibrant green grass, water fountain, flowers, and birds chirps. It is as if there's no tremor shook this place. Things are just simply beauty here.

bird on the fountain

Day one ended up with having dinner in Dominos pizza near the hotel where Y stayed. This will be the beginning of my weight loss as my meal time became messed up and the nutrition intake is inadequate.


  1. all your pictures damn nice la right.. fucking jealous... lol :)

  2. tuls : thanks, you should see their blue sky and vibrant landscape, it's magical...



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