Thursday, 26 January 2012


Someone [wonder what shall I call him] sent me a link to this article. Not that I care about Tyra Banks, but those six points are exactly what I did.

Best way to heal broken heart

1.Be kind to yourself [checked]
I went for new haircut, shopping, checking out hotties at the gym [not seriously doing the exercise] joining body pump because the instructor is hot [I'll cover his face with some calendar picture will do]

2.Make a list of his most annoying treats [checked]
I think I got more than 10 on my list

3.Cut all of contact [checked]
block facebook, delete all numbers a few weeks after breakup

4.Get quality male attention [checked]
I let guys asking me out and actually went out with

5.Obliterate all traces [checked]
I cleaned my whole apartment, even get rid of my mattress and buy new one that I like, burnt his pillow [nah, just toss them in the bin], bag all of his stuffs and buried at the deepest of my wardrobe [just in case he wants them back]

6.Take a trip [checked]
More like runaway trip. Even my current life is also part of runaway scheme. I went for a few trips oledi since then and going for more this year. ***


  1. Best way to heal or at least to pretend that we're okay =)

    What with the pictures? bought new shoes as #1 instructed? lolx xD

  2. Yah, I bot two pairs, wore the white one,
    the other one is green
    I dun pretend la, I am ok now :D

    1. That's good to hear. Oh ya, enjoy ur day off today. oz has very few holiday, as compared to Malaysia =P lolx

    2. haha yah it's OZ day, and raining too, sigh... staying indoor, i tot i can wear singlets and be sexy out there... eh but malay got CNY public hols what?

    3. The CNY hols finished ard, only for two days. Quite pathetic right >_< oh, that's a pity. The one day u can show off ur nice stature and it has to be raining xp God must be playing a cruel joke on u xD lolx

  3. that i'm reading this pretty late, since he equated you with Tyra, I think a simple His Excellency would just do fine :P



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