Friday, 20 January 2012

day 9. running out of luck ( Christchurch - Rotorua)

Day 9. 29.12.11

I returned jucy blue the night before. bye bye blue, from here I will be flying and taking public transports. Woke up so early, we checked in for the first flight to rotorua. A twin propeller jet brought us from Christchurch on south island to Rotorua on north island. I tried to sleep in flight, but kinda hard to sleep whilst Y slept so well, I dunno how does she do that. Getting out of the airport, Y thought that we missed the bus so I was like "let's wait for 5 minutes, you never know". Right after I shut my mouth then the bus turned up, it's late by 5 minutes.

I went to post office to get more postcards, write them and post them right away. We went to this kinda sulphur lake wai-o-tapu. In the rain and strong wind, i was just too lazy to pull out my camera. I kept using my phone instead, besides, this gloomy weather just not giving me a vibrant color anymore. It gives me sadness instead. Hence, I dun have that nice pictures in this post :(.

Returning back to the town, I decided to wander around by myself and only to meet Y again on dinner time. I had a crave for Asian food, only to find this korean restaurant that is so not convincing. The old man there barely speaks english and he was like "r u sure u want to eat here? the food is spicy. have you had korean food before". Errr... this is the first time ever someone running a restaurant and trying to convince me to leave instead of staying.

Checking in the Astray hostel, I made friends with one taiwanese guy, one french girl, and one german girl. These dorm-mate are apparently here on holiday working. The german girl actually works for this motel at the time being. I didn't talk much with them because I'm busy breathing. This backpacking is by far the worst. It's so crampy, with tiny window and the ceiling is so low that I kept banging my head to the ceiling when I got up the bed. Feeling uneasy when the night falls is one thing, adding confined space into the equation just made me suffocated. I grabbed my keys then sit outside the hostel and tell myself I swear I dun wanna stay in such crampy space anymore. I wonder why people give a good rating on this place, lucky we only stay in rotorua for one night.Twenty minutes later I went back to bed.***

comparison, before and after spinning

9 am, trying to get my luggage

mud pool, it blob...

one of the sulphur lake

watchout, it's hot

champange pool

OMG... mr bean's car in orange color

korean lamb... so so, not as per described by the old man in the restaurant

weather oh weather....


  1. the mud pool looks creepy!! the champagne pool looks nice!

    1. btw tak nampak sedap langsung! nasi lemak best laaaaa



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