Wednesday, 18 January 2012

day 8. Thief on the run (Twizel, Mt cook, Tekapo, Christchurch)

Day 8. 28.12.11

Leaving early from Twizel, I drove along the side of lake pukaki. The turqoise water is so pretty I just can't describe it with words. At the end of this road is where the hooker valley lies. I parked the car there trying to hide it between two big campers so it wont get too hot when we get back to the car. The trek is kinda novice, so we did not struggle much with the walk. The only disappointment was the cloud hanging over mount cook. Two hours walking (and taking pictures) we ended up on the foot of mount cook. We sat there by the river and then a group of japanese tourists joining us. I kinda still able to understand what they are talking, tho my japanese has become so dull after not using it for four years.

I took off my shoes just like in any other spots with water and simmer my legs in the water. Ouch, it's icy cold then I ran back to the rocks. Y seems exhausted so I leave her alone sitting there near the japanese tourist without even realising that I was sitting far behind her writing some more cards as weather starts to clear up. Walking back is rather faster, maybe it's less challenging and we made lesser stops.

Driving back to state highway I turned the wheels toward lake tekapo to have lunch. This is the first proper protein I had in the past 8 days after getting lost in small towns. I cooked myself the steak on heated blue stone at the table. From here, I soak my feet once more in turqoise water of lake tekapo. Later I found out that the clay at the bottom of the lake is what made the water looks so turqoise as it reflect the blue sky.

Heading back to christchurch from here we did not make that many stops. After seeing the west coast Haast highway makes the east side looks nothing. Even so, we still capture more and more pictures until we checked in @ Christchurch again. I returned the car after having korean meal dinner, I am so craving for asian food from day 8 onwards.***

Leaving the motel @Twizel

Trekking @ Hooker Valley

Lone in the mountain (left) and cross that bridge (right)

@ the valley, that's mount cook ahead

They may be pretty but toxic for cattle

Lake pukaki and Mt Cook

Lupin field

Lake tekapo

taken on Y's camera : Thief on the run

Finally I see Alpaca


  1. the alpaca looks like me on a bad hair day :P

  2. fabulous pictures!!! i love the blue sky and clear water... :)
    oh, ninja=kankan...XD



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