Saturday, 7 January 2012

day 3. careful of falling rocks


This day I had this thought of quitting my job and fly off to South America. The thought still linger even as this entry is logged and I post it on my Facebook page. Little I realise, I may have some potential future travel companions [if the scheduled date is match]. I should build list of places I wanna go to since I have a couple in mind already like Africa [Morocco, kenya and namibia are part of it], UAE, Prague, Moscow, and Turkey. And I should re-visit my 101 bucket list as well, but too lazy to do it now.

Franz Joseph Glacier Trekking

Back to NZ trip log, Arrived in Franz Joseph the night before, I stayed in YHA Franz Joseph (YHA-FJ). I crash myself in this four bunk bed mix dorm and share it with a French family of a mother a father and their five years old son. For a place in remote area like this, the dorm is surprisingly cozy, tho by far, the Canterbury house in CHC offered me a better comfort. They have a common kitchen which quiet practical as they dun have curfeu hour for kitchen. Regardless, I am too lazy with food during travelling, and in small town like this, food is something difficult to get. So I ended up having cup noodle for dinner instead, and some slice bread for breakfast.

Woke up in the morning, Y and I walk to the meeting point for trekking to Franz Joseph Glacier. Oh noted, Ben Murphy, the guide, has a hot body :D [hey I am allowed to perve since I am single] and he has a mole on his cheek like Enrique Iglesias, :D. Weather forecast wasn't so friendly tho, but surprise surprise, our luck with weather is just getting better. During the trek on the ice, I can see some falling rock, not sure how the heck did this even happen here. Since I walk at the far back of the group, sometimes I had to make a few stops to avoid the falling rock and left behind.

Franz Joseph Glacier

rocks layer, quite interesting tho I only learnt geology and mineral formation for one semester, I dun understand much, duh...! should ask Y's dad

getting closer and weather is clearer


looking back, this is the river hundreds and thousands years ago where glacier flow to the sea

Ice cave

TJ is diging the ice

this is random, Y ask me to take the pic, look at the guy's pants and the girl's bag

Rain forest on the way back

Lake Matheson

After trekking on the glacier, we went for lunch down town of Franz Joseph. I had salmon egg benedict [still my favourite]. Trying to keep up with protein intake, but can't expect much out of it. I drove us to Lake Matheson right after the lunch [brunch?]. I did a bush walking with Y around the lake to capture the glimpse of the Franz Joseph & Fox glaciers. The attempt to capture the reflection island is rather a failure as the wind ripple the water, not to mention there's a blonde swan swimming. [read: a girl who happened to be Y's superior daughter at her work place, suddenly took off her dress and jumped into the lake wearing two piece bikini]. Regardless, by far, this place is one of my best moment of my trip. It's so quiet here, the weather is so nice, the view is magical, and the conversation with Y is one of the quality ones I could possibly have with her as best friends.

yummy.... brunch

bush walking heading to lake matheson

by the river

supposedly to be reflection island, but it ripple

at least I can see my own reflection

but we managed to capture it from different side

Fox Glacier
Fox Glacier

Moving on, we're trying to find a way to view Fox Glacier but it didn't seem to be fruitful as we couldn't manage to find a good spot. So we head back to YHA FJ and have a rest after long drive. Back at downtown FJ, Seb messaged me to see if I were OK only to realise that Christchurch has been rocked by another two major earthquake. Lucky we left already. but what worries me is that I will be flying to north island from there and wondering if my accommodation still stand after the tremor. When dinner comes, argh another problem, haha I ordered this so called thai food, I definetly can cook 3X tastier and presentable than this so called wok box something.


  1. I'm going to say it again. SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  2. it is, it was so magical that I thought I was just dreaming, hahaha

  3. "most quality conversation as best friends" - emangnya waktu itu ngomongin apa ya? *lupa*

  4. @miss jalanjalan: ngomongin life le, how we should be grateful with it and how long we've come... and met your Gillette boss, hahaha and the blonde swan suddenly took off her dress and jumped in to ripple the water



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